Nutritionists tell you, dialysis patients how to eat

Our department hemodialysis room has a big ye, dialysis twice a week, each time is 4000 ml ultrafiltration, weight often exceeds the standard, often high blood potassium before dialysis. Every time I ask big ye, big ye always said he ate very little. Today, big ye brought his weekly recipe, let’s have a look together.

Analysis of wrong recipes in dialysis patients

There are many problems with this recipe, so don’t imitate it!

Although the big ye’s diet is very rich and nutritious, there are a little too much porridge, soup and boiled water. This is not difficult to explain why the big ye gained so much weight during dialysis.

Dr. Xiao from the nutrition department carefully analyzed the situation of the big ye. The big ye is 165 cm tall and currently weighs 72.7 kg dry weight. The measured BMI is 26.7 kg/m2, which is overweight.

Xiao doctor said, big ye need to lose weight, ideal weight control in 60 kg. At present, big ye diagnoses uremia, renal anemia, hypertension, hyperphosphatemia, hyperkalemia, suggest daily energy intake in 1800 kcal, protein 72 g, fat 50 g, sodium salt less than 6 g.

Correct Dietary Precautions for Dialysis Patients

Step 1 Control the amount of liquid

Drink less water, eat less porridge and vegetables with more water content, such as wax gourd and white radish. Especially broth, because broth contains high purine and potassium, which is very bad for kidney disease patients.

2. Control that amount of protein

For dialysis patients, the recommended amount of protein is 1.2 g/kg per day, of which high-quality protein accounts for 50%, that is, animal protein and soybean protein obtained from meat and eggs account for half of the protein eaten all day.

3. Low potassium and low phosphorus diet

Patients with high blood potassium and high blood phosphorus, diet must avoid high potassium and high phosphorus diet. For example, egg yolk, nuts, dairy products, tea, cocoa, chocolate, instant coffee, etc., these should be eaten less.

Some other dietary suggestions for uremic patients

1. First of all, uremic patients should ensure protein intake, especially high-quality protein. It is recommended to drink 200 ml of milk and 50 g of egg or egg white every day.

2. Secondly, uremic patients should limit the intake of vegetable protein, and can try to use wheat starch instead of staple food to make noodles, steamed buns, dumpling wrappers, hand skins, etc.

In addition, uremic patients should also pay attention to the food composition table and the content of potassium and sodium when eating snacks at ordinary times. Some snacks have too high a content of potassium and sodium, which is not suitable for uremic patients.