Only by doing these four things can we sleep soundly and well.

Overtime, staying up late, surfing the Internet all night… Everyone is used to these.

Therefore, it has become fashionable to sleep badly. If you don’t have a sleepless what, you are really embarrassed to greet others.

Everyone should have heard of the harm of irregular sleep, such as:

    Short-term memory loss; Decline in learning ability; Endocrine system disorders; Decline in immune system capacity; Increased risk of heart disease; Other studies believe that irregular sleep increases the risk of cancer…

Don’t understand is what mean? To put it another way, Dr. Clove said that irregular sleep would make a person:

Become stupid/fat/ugly/have a poor memory/forget things/get sick easily/may also get cancer more easily than others…

But who doesn’t want a good sleep?

Then do these 4 points well with Dr. Clove so that you can sleep well and soundly.

Comfortable mattress and pillow

First, the mattress.

Whether the mattress is good or not, try it. A good mattress, whether soft or hard, must be able to fully support your body and do not cause pain.

The hot-selling money from merchants is not necessarily suitable for you.

There are the following suggestions for choosing mattresses:

    For people with waist and back discomfort, don’t sleep in a soft bed. A quilt can be added to a hard bed. Skinny people may not be suitable for hard board beds, so as not to cause pain when bones touch hard board beds. Two people sleep together, the bed is too soft, turning over is easy to affect the other half; Choose the right mattress according to the season, keep warm in winter and not too hot in summer. If it is sensitive constitution, also pay attention to the mattress material.

When the mattress is selected, choose a suitable pillow.

    Height: After the pillow is compressed, it is advisable to use the height equal to that of a fist that stands up. After sleeping, the occipital surface supports the curved part of the cervical spine. It is better to have a transverse cylindrical shape and a certain hardness. About 3-5 centimeters higher than the part supporting the back of the head, So that it can support the head, Width: In order to ensure that the head does not take off the pillow, the width of the pillow is 1.5 times of the shoulder width as the minimum recommended width. Material: Referring to some domestic and foreign surveys on the use of consumers, the comfort of the pillow material is arranged from high to low from latex pillow, buckwheat husk and other traditional pillows, polyurethane memory pillow, down pillow.

Proper sleeping position

Recommendation 1: Lie Down and Sleep

It is suitable for the vast majority of people. When lying on your back, all muscles in your back are relaxed, your neck is in a state of natural relaxation, and there is no external force to squeeze your spine.

If there is gastroesophageal reflux, which is easy to regain acid and burn heart, it is recommended to adopt an upgraded version: raise the head of the bed appropriately, or raise the upper body, not just the neck.

In this way, the esophagus can be higher than the stomach, and gastric acid is not easy to reflux.

However, people who snore seriously prefer the following sleeping posture.

Recommendation 2: Sleep sideways

Snoring, neck and back discomfort, and pregnant people are recommended to sleep sideways.

When sleeping on the side, the airway will naturally open, which can reduce the possibility of asphyxia caused by snoring. At the same time, this posture stretches the spine to a certain extent and can relieve back pain.

However, pregnant mothers, in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, have bigger and bigger stomachs, and the comfort level of sleeping to the left may be higher. It will be more comfortable to add a long pillow to lean against their side.

Not Recommended: Sleep on your stomach and curl up

Sleeping on your stomach is harmful to your body but not beneficial.

When sleeping on your stomach, the spine is in an arched posture, which is contrary to the normal physiological curve. At the same time, joints, muscles and internal organs will be oppressed. The neck is still twisted excessively, and usually feels pain when sleeping in the morning.

Curled up like a fetus, the whole person huddled together and raised his knees near his chest. This posture will feel more comfortable at first, but if it lasts longer, it will compress joints and back muscles, causing local pain.

Another more hidden problem is that long-term sleep like this may affect chest shape, so girls who love beauty must not sleep like this.

Create a warm environment

Dim lights, aromatherapy candles, flowers and red wine, and delicious food…

On how to create a romantic atmosphere after chasing girls, you are more capable than Ding Dang.

Chasing girls requires atmosphere. Of course, sleeping requires atmosphere and careful preparation.

    Make an appointment: If you sleep at 11 o’clock in the evening, don’t eat after 8 o’clock in the evening, including cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and water, which will affect your sleep. Be single-minded: don’t sleep while playing with electronic products; Relax: Don’t do strenuous exercise before going to bed; Atmosphere: The bedroom should be quiet, the curtains should be isolated from light, and the temperature and humidity should be appropriate. Persistence: Try to fix the time for falling asleep and getting up every day, and weekends are no exception.

Ensure adequate sleep time

According to this schedule, have you slept enough?

Of course, I know your answer is definitely no! Sleep! Enough!