Remember four words, diabetics feel at ease for the holidays and have a happy dinner.

The Spring Festival is coming soon. When it comes to the festival, relatives and friends gather together, and it is always necessary to have a few good meals.

At this time, diabetics can be worried, eat, afraid of high blood sugar, don’t go, itching in the heart, face also can’t pass.

Today, Dr. Clove told you four words. Remember, diabetics can also have fun and have fun.

First sentence: Wait for me for 5 minutes

When you go out for dinner, what you think most is probably which restaurant is delicious or what the traffic conditions are.

As sugar lovers, how long do we need to be mindful and spend 5 minutes checking two very important [equipment] before departure: hypoglycemic drugs (or insulin) and blood glucose meters.

Many sugar lovers need to take medicine or injections before meals in their treatment plans.

We must not be too troublesome and too lazy to take the medicine. We should take the medicine or give insulin before going out. Once a car is blocked on the road, it is easy to cause hypoglycemia.

Of course, you can’t think [it doesn’t matter if you take less medicine or take less injection] and simply leak the medicine and needle, which will cause great blood sugar fluctuation. For some fragile diabetes patients, it may even induce ketosis or hypertonic coma.

Bring a blood glucose meter and measure the blood sugar 2 hours after the meal. If the blood sugar is too high, remember to exercise more or eat less than two at the next meal.

Second sentence: Please order more green leafy vegetables and some coarse cereals.

When we arrived at the restaurant, everyone took their seats one by one and it was time to order.

When ordering dishes, don’t just stare at meat and oil, order more stir-fried green leafy vegetables to ensure the vegetable intake of a meal to 200 ~ 250g.

Most people will not eat staple food when they go to restaurants. However, for diabetics who have taken hypoglycemic drugs or insulin before meals, not eating staple food can easily cause hypoglycemia.

At this time, you can order some coarse cereals staple food, such as steamed vegetables with corn, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and other coarse cereals, or coarse cereals steamed buns, etc. Tell the waiter to go on early, don’t delay to the last to eat staple food, lest the medicine has already taken effect, and the staple food has no time to digest and absorb to cause hypoglycemia.

I don’t drink sweet drinks or wine, please give me plain boiled water, milk without sugar or soya-bean milk.

After ordering the dishes, there is no shortage of clinking glasses and toasting on the dining table, and some drinks are needed to cheer up. However, diabetics should pay attention to the choice of drinks.

Many sweet drinks, including freshly squeezed fruit juice, contain a lot of free sugar, and many drinks are not low in energy. For diabetics, it is necessary to eat less free sugar, control the total energy and reduce the intake of sweet drinks.

As for wine, we have stressed many times that drinking is easy to cause hypoglycemia. It is better not to drink. If you drink, you should strictly limit it:

Women drink no more than 15g of alcohol per day and men no more than 25g (15g of alcohol is equivalent to 450ml of beer, 150ml of wine or 50ml of low-alcohol liquor).

No more than twice a week.

For diabetics, it is best to choose plain boiled water, milk without sugar and soybean milk, which is also a good choice.

Fourth sentence: I am full, let’s eat slowly.

The cups and plates on the dining table are staggered, chatting and talking, and when the interest is high and the battle line is long, it is easy to eat too much.

At this time, diabetics should pay attention, don’t be unable to hold other people’s vomiting-inducing toasts, try to ensure that their appetite is the same as usual, feel that they have eaten about the same, they should put down chopsticks in time.

It is difficult to grasp the amount of food you eat out. You can refer to this article: Do you eat too much when you eat out? A plate to help you