People get old before they get old? Learn 3 tips for maintenance, and your legs and feet will live longer.

As the saying goes, one’s legs are old before one’s legs are old.

Backstage also often see people’s messages, complaining that their legs are not as strong as before.

If you don’t walk hard on your legs, you will be tired after walking a few steps.

The stairs cannot climb two floors.

The calf is becoming more and more prone to fatigue, soreness and pain.

The legs and feet are always tired, cold and numb.

When it gets cold, the knee hurts.

… …

Do you or your relatives and friends have such a situation?

Dr. Wang Shibo from the geriatric department of Changhai Hospital will talk about [why is this leg getting old]?

Why are your legs getting old?

It is mainly caused by two points: natural decline of physiological functions and diseases.

1. Physiological decline

With the increase of age, on the one hand, the bone calcium content of human body decreases at a rate of 1% ~ 5% per year after middle age, resulting in a large loss of bone calcium, resulting in a decrease in bone density.

On the other hand, the muscles are decaying at a rate of 1% ~ 2% per year, thus the joint stability is also significantly reduced. All these will lead to leg and foot mobility inconvenience and easy fatigue.

2. Disease factors

Three highs, osteoporosis, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis of lower limbs or joint diseases will affect the blood supply of lower limb muscles and the removal of metabolic wastes, thus affecting the normal activity of muscles.


When blood pressure and blood lipid are not well controlled, vascular elasticity decreases, atherosclerosis and other problems will affect the reduction of blood supply to leg muscles, thus affecting the strength and function of lower limb muscles.

Diabetes can cause insufficient blood supply to lower limbs and hypoesthesia of skin, the most serious of which is dry skin, infection and even diabetic foot, affecting leg and foot function.

Osteoporosis is an important cause of lumbago and leg pain and lower limb fracture in the middle-aged and elderly.

Arteriosclerosis of lower limbs is often one of the causes of [old cold legs]. Atherosclerotic plaques in lower limb arteries are enlarged. When the stenosis reaches a certain degree, the blood flow of lower limbs cannot meet the needs of human body, ischemia symptoms will occur, resulting in cold and swelling of lower limbs.

Varicose veins of lower limbs are excessive filling of superficial veins of lower limbs, and legs and feet often feel sour, swollen, painful, heavy and prone to fatigue.

The most prominent symptom of osteoarthritis of knee joint is the repetition of joint pain-relief-re-pain.

To live, one must have strength to protect one’s legs and feet.

It is difficult to walk, climb the stairs and even sit down and stand up due to the inconvenience of legs and feet. This not only affects the quality of life of middle-aged and elderly friends, but also forces them to inadvertently lead an unhealthy sedentary life.

Therefore, it is very important for friends to protect their legs and feet.

How to make your legs grow slower and slower?

1. Actively control chronic diseases

Control the three highs, listen to the doctor’s words, and deal with the existing joint or vascular problems. The medicine to take and the improved lifestyle should be done seriously. Minimize the impact of diseases on leg and foot aging.

Step 2: Pay Attention to Nutrition

Balanced nutrition, ensuring sufficient high-quality protein and reasonable calcium supplement under the guidance of doctors can keep bone and muscle strong.

3. Science movement

Exercise can strengthen bones and maintain muscle mass. However, maintaining a reasonable weight through exercise can reduce the burden on lower limbs and make joints easier.

Keep in mind the principles of moderation, gradual and orderly progress and long-term adherence.

Walking, calisthenics, dancing for the elderly, Taijiquan, shuttlecock kicking, for friends who are weak or have difficulty moving, simple tiptoe, leg lifting, etc. can also play a role in exercising leg muscles.

Daily maintenance is divided into right and wrong.

Some friends will insist on soaking their feet in hot water. This is quite comfortable, yes. However, because the nerve sensitivity of the elderly decreases, especially the middle-aged and elderly people with diabetes, they must pay attention to the water temperature not to overheat, so as not to realize it when scalding occurs. It is best for family members to help adjust the water temperature.

However, friends with arterial occlusion and varicose veins of lower limbs are not recommended to soak their feet in hot water. Because it may aggravate the disease.

There are also friends who like to rub their legs and stomachs, pull their toes, etc. and massage their legs and feet.

It should be noted that for friends with leg diseases, kneading legs and stomachs should be cautious, such as those suffering from varicose veins, atherosclerosis, vasculitis and other lower limb vascular diseases, massage not only cannot help improve the situation, but also may cause thrombosis to fall off and produce more serious consequences. Don’t go to unqualified physiotherapy shops, massage and relax at will.

If you are old or not, you should first look at walking and running. If you can walk with strong waist and legs, you can run with good heart and lung. If you get old, your legs will grow old first, and your legs will live longer.

Only when your legs and feet are healthy can you ensure your quality of life. Only when your legs are strong can you be strong when you are alive!

Try according to the method of the article!