Which is better, chicken blood, duck blood or pig blood? Of course it is…

Chicken blood.

Duck blood, pig blood and other animal blood are only used for eating, but chicken blood is different and can also be used for beating.

Eating, sleeping and beating chicken blood is not the daily routine of most of us? Chicken blood is always beaten, and I don’t know if it hurts…

All right, all right, these are, of course, just jokes. Serious answers look down.

Which is stronger, chicken blood, duck blood, pig blood or animal blood?

Chicken blood, duck blood, pig blood, commonly known as [blood tofu].

The protein content in blood is close to that of meat, the fat content is far lower than that of meat, and the iron content is far higher than that of red meat, and all of them are heme iron, which is easy to be used by human body, and can be called [holy iron supplement product].

When it comes to different animal blood:

    Protein content: duck blood is about the same as pig blood (13%), which is the same level as pork. Iron content: duck blood is the highest, chicken blood is the second, and pig blood is the lowest.

In this way, it seems that duck blood is indeed slightly better, so many businesses have started to use other cheap and high-yield animal blood as duck blood…

Then the question arises… … …

Can I still eat fake duck blood?

If duck blood is really mixed with other animal blood, such as the most common pig blood, and it is pig blood from reliable sources, theoretically, this adulterated duck blood does not have serious safety risks and can be eaten.

But (the important thing is always but)…

This kind of practice belongs to food adulteration and fraud and is illegal.

Falsification is risky, so one needs to be cautious in making money.

Is there any what way to distinguish true and false duck blood?

The fact is that even with Sun Wukong’s golden eyes, it is difficult to distinguish the true and false duck blood from the appearance.

Therefore, if you eat outside, try to go to a regular restaurant.

If you cook at home, buy the kind in the supermarket-Packed.

Bulk blood products can not be bought.

Can animal blood be very dirty and eating too much is not good for the body?

The blood itself of healthy animals is clean.

However, if the slaughter environment is not hygienic and the blood is exposed to the air, many microorganisms will be attracted. As a result, the quality of animal blood will be questioned.

We have no choice in the slaughter environment. I’m afraid we don’t even have a choice for ducks themselves, but we can choose where to buy duck blood!

The answer, of course, is-regular manufacturers.

Although this approach looks like [hum, I knew you would say so], it is indeed the way to help us avoid all kinds of problems to the greatest extent at present, otherwise?

Animal blood has special skills: enriching blood and caring skin? Clearing lung heat and detoxifying?

Enriching the Blood: It’s a little useful,

For young women who need more iron, regular blood products can indeed prevent and improve iron deficiency anemia.

Qingfei: It’s really useless,

The pig blood eaten by the mouth goes through the digestive tract and then is absorbed in the small intestine. However, the PM2.5 particles sucked in by the nose mainly cause trouble in the lungs. They are not on the same path. How can they play a role?

How to eat animal blood is better?

Three basic questions:

    How to buy: Choose blood products produced by regular manufacturers; How to do it: Clean it thoroughly and eat it after heating it thoroughly; How much to eat: Healthy adults should eat no more than 75g of livestock meat and blood every day.

So who can eat more?

    People who do not eat enough red meat: they can eat some animal blood, but for most carnivores, this is definitely a small probability event… Young women, pregnant women’s precious mothers and babies: animal blood is the source of high-quality protein and iron; People who reduce fat and increase muscle: Blood products are actually the choice of reducing fat and increasing muscle that is no worse than chicken breast meat. Fat is extremely low and protein is only 5% lower than chicken breast meat. If you eat viscera, don’t try blood products.

However, if people who are already obese or have dyslipidemia should be careful of cholesterol in animal blood, it is good to relieve their cravings occasionally.

However, although there is very little fat in the blood, if you add a lot of oil when doing it, even the best nutrition will be buried (yes, it is Mao Xuewang! ); Or add too much salt, it is not very good (yes, it is the blood sausage! ).

In a word, Dr. Clove thinks that as long as you can accept eating internal organs, most animal blood itself has no safety problem and is indeed good for your body and can be eaten.

After all, you are tired all day long, perhaps it is not enough to rely solely on a bowl of chicken soup. What you need is chicken blood full of sincerity.