Poisonous instant noodles? Monosodium glutamate causes cancer? Top Ten Rumors about [Eating] in 2016

When I look back at the end of each year, I feel that there are cheats every year, especially this year.

At the end of the year, tidy up my mood and count the pits I stepped on this year with Dr. Clove.

Rumor 1: Yogurt with [reconstituted milk] is not nutritious?

Reconstituted milk is not that bad.

In short, reconstituted milk is to turn milk into milk powder (requiring high-temperature sterilization), then add water to reduce it into liquid milk, then undergo high-temperature sterilization, and finally leave the factory through aseptic filling.

Why is it said that [there is no nutrition] [it is fake yogurt]? It is because it heats more times, lasts longer and has higher temperature that nutrition loss will naturally increase.

However, what Dr. Clove wants to say is: We don’t have to care about such nutrient loss at all.

There are two reasons:

    The loss is mainly some heat-sensitive vitamins, and the loss ratio is generally not more than 30%; Whether yogurt or milk, it is said that it has nutrition mainly because of its protein and calcium, and neither of these two core nutrients will be affected by high temperature.

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Rumor 2: Watermelon Use Plastic Wrap Bacteria Increase 10 Times?

It’s really a little [dog bites Lv Dongbin, I don’t know how good people are]. After doing so much plastic wrap for us, we finally got this?

This rumor comes from a so-called [media experiment]. If you are interested in the experiment, you can stretch out your small jasper hand and click on the picture below to have a look.

Simple summary: The experiment itself is unreliable and the explanation is far-fetched. The fact is that watermelons without plastic wrap are more likely to become ugly, bad to eat and bad.

What are the functions of plastic wrap?

    Prevent water loss: it is not delicious when dried; Reduce bacterial pollution and odor in the air; Reduce the contact between food and the outside air itself and prolong the shelf life.

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Rumor 3: Eating a pack of instant noodles takes 32 days to detoxify?

Why not 31 days or 33 days, but 32 days?

All kinds of rumors about instant noodles are really like Xiaoqiang who cannot be killed. It can be said that it is the food additive.

Food additives are not demons, as long as they are used properly, they are the guarantee of food taste and safety… Moreover, these food additives are allowed to be added by the state, and each has a clear dosage regulation.

As long as you buy qualified products, you won’t need this extremely accurate [32 days].

In addition, instant noodles are not carcinogenic.

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Rumor 4: Only when hot dishes are cooled can they be put in the refrigerator, otherwise the refrigerator will break down?

The refrigerator is really said to be vulnerable.

First of all, no matter what kind of food, the longer it is kept at room temperature, the more bacteria there will be and the less safe it will be (WHO recommends that food should not be stored at room temperature for more than 2 hours).

Secondly, putting hot dishes directly into the refrigerator will indeed increase the burden of the refrigerator and consume a little more electricity (expensive), but the efficiency of the refrigerator is greatly improved now, and the general burden is within its normal operation range (if a watermelon will not make the refrigerator unbearable, neither will one or two hot dishes).

So the result is-

    For your own sake, let go directly. For the sake of money, put it cool before putting it.

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Rumor 5: Use an iron pan to stir-fry and supplement iron?

One pot is not enough to eat.

Stir-frying in an iron pan can indeed increase the iron content in a lost dish, but-

First of all, there is very little iron that can enter the human body, so little that it has no effect. If you really want to supplement iron, you can supplement it much more by eating meat casually.

Secondly, the iron in the iron pot is inorganic iron, which is difficult to absorb. If iron deficiency anemia really occurs, you can eat more red meat (such as pig, beef and mutton, etc.) instead of going to [eat the pot] and cough up your teeth.

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Rumor 6: MSG, Poisonous?


The main ingredient of monosodium glutamate is an amino acid called [sodium glutamate], which is found in many foods. In fact, its production process is similar to that of brewing wine and vinegar. If you are not afraid of jealousy and drinking, why do you think monosodium glutamate is poisonous?

And chicken essence, to put it bluntly, is slightly higher-end chicken-flavored monosodium glutamate, which is not much different from monosodium glutamate.

In addition, monosodium glutamate does not cause cancer when heated, but is not fresh.

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Rumor 7: Peach cannot be eaten with watermelon. Is it highly toxic?

This rumor has the temperament of winning the rumor of the year.

To be honest, the main ingredient of peaches and watermelons is water, followed by sugar, and micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals have nothing special to [produce highly toxic].

Can you pull two foods casually?

If you have to say a reason why you can’t eat together, there is also a reason-eating too much may make you fat.

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Rumor 8: Can’t persimmons and crabs be eaten together?

What’s wrong with the crab walking sideways? Is it preventing you from eating persimmons?

In fact, as long as you don’t eat too many persimmons, don’t eat raw persimmons, cook crabs thoroughly, and you are not allergic to seafood, there will be no problem eating persimmons and crabs together.

Then why do many people really have stomachache after eating together?

This is because crabs are difficult to wash clean, and if they are not cooked, they will easily be infected with germs-diarrhea. There is tannic acid in persimmons. If you eat too much or raw persimmons, you will suffer from stomach persimmons-abdominal pain.

This is a problem of food itself and its own body intolerance, not two eating together.

Rumor 9: Pure water lacks minerals. It is not good for your health to drink it frequently?

Yes, there are almost no minerals in purified water, but drinking water is to supplement water, not nutrition, which is a matter of three meals a day.

In fact, even in the drinking water they drink at ordinary times, they really don’t have much minerals.

Taking a drinking water with calcium content ≥ 400 ug/100 mL (4 mg/L) as a calculation, it is possible to drink 2 L of water (almost 4 bottles) to supplement calcium, rather than directly drink a mouthful of milk.

This rumor seems to be saying that there is no vitamin C in rice, so eating rice will also harm health …?

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Rumor 10: Milk Causes Cancer?

In the face of this rumor, which has been deeply rooted in the motherland… Dr. Clove has only three words-it is not carcinogenic.

Oh, there are three other words-don’t worry about drinking.

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Of course, there are far more than ten rumors about eating this year, so we should keep our eyes open. In the new year, we should do and refute the rumor.