Precautions after Blood Donation

How to protect the eye of a needle?

Cover the puncture hole with the sterilized cotton ball given to you by the nurse, fix it with adhesive tape, press it with your hands for 5 minutes, and do not rub it.

After 5 minutes, check for bleeding or bleeding. If so, raise your arm and continue to press with your other hand.

It is recommended not to remove the adhesive tape within 4 hours.

The eye of the needle should not touch water as much as possible within 1-2 days. Waterproof Band-Aids can be used when bathing.

Should what be paid attention to in diet after blood donation?

Drink plenty of water, you can choose light salt water or sugar water.

Eat more protein, iron (meat, animal liver, etc.) and vitamins (fresh fruits and vegetables).

However, it is not recommended to overeat and supplement, which will lead to excess nutrition and is not conducive to health.

Can I go to exercise after donating blood?

General activities are not restricted, but should be moderate.

Do not engage in aerial work, high temperature work, strenuous exercise, all-night entertainment and other activities on that day, and pay attention to rest.