Pregnancy and childbirth: Drinking Coffee during Pregnancy

In fact, it is misinformed that pregnant women cannot drink coffee on the Internet. Coffee can be drunk, but not in excess. Excessive amount will lead to an increased risk of abortion. What is the amount of safe coffee to drink? Not according to the number of drinks, Because the cups are big and small, Coffee is different. According to American research, When the amount of caffeine in coffee exceeds 200 mg per day, The abortion rate will double. However, the abortion rate will not increase when it does not exceed 200 mg per day. Therefore, You can drink coffee after pregnancy, As long as the total amount of caffeine does not exceed 200 mg. It should also be noted that, Not only is there caffeine in coffee, Coffee is also included in tea and other drinks, The following table lists the caffeine content in coffee and various beverages. After reading it, You can rest assured to choose a drink. Oz caffeine (mg) General Coffee (espresso) 8102-200* Buck (espresso) 16 (large cup) 330D*kin ‘Donuts (espresso) 16206* Buck latte/cappuccino 16150 General espresso 130-90* Buck espresso 175 Low Coffee 83-26 Black Tea 8 40-120 Green Tea 8 30-50 * Easy Coca-Cola 12 35 * Mouth Coca-Cola 12 35 Note 1: * Buck (espresso) cups are 16 ounces, medium cups 12 ounces and super cups 20 ounces. Note 2: The above table is translated from the Internet.