By doing this, it is easier to stick to running.

When I went out for a morning run, I can always meet a hemiplegic uncle in the community who is walking slowly and doing rehabilitation exercises. Every time he sees me, he is not very quick to say: “good, good, good, it’s too good for you to insist on exercising. I didn’t exercise when I was young. Now like this, my heart is blocked and my head is blocked…” Do you think it is more difficult to run for ten minutes than to drink ten glasses of wine? Don’t doubt yourself, As long as we proceed step by step and avoid unnecessary sports injuries, Within three months, You can take the formidable distance from the previous college physical examination, Just as a warm-up. Tips on Running 1. Step by step. Don’t be too aggressive at the beginning. Don’t see anybody run a marathon, You want to go too, One bite does not make a fat man, And if you don’t eat a bite well, you can choke to death. If you try running, You can start with a quick walk, Walk fast for half an hour every day, Every day is a little faster than the day before, Just a little. Two weeks later, When your muscles and fascia have initially adapted to frequent walking, You can try running for one minute in a row, Ten more minutes, Then gradually run for 3, 5, 10 minutes, Let’s go for 10, 5, 3 minutes, Slowly increase running time and reduce fast walking time, Before long, You can run for 30 minutes or more, At that time, Go for faster speed and farther distance. 2. Buy a good pair of shoes. Some people, After a few days of running, he ran out of bursitis, fasciitis, One is because I don’t have a good grasp of the degree of entry, Another important reason, Just don’t have a pair of suitable running shoes. Running shoes cushion the pressure on your feet and knees when you run to the ground. Stabilize the ankle joint, The importance goes without saying. At the beginning of trying to walk fast, You can wear soft sneakers with slightly thicker soles. When it was time to run, Be sure to choose a pair of entry-level running shoes according to the foot type (eversion, varus, center foot). This is definitely a powerful boost in your running career. 3. Don’t run long distances and long hours every day. Your joint muscles need rest. Run every other day, even every two days, In the middle of the day, Sometimes walking, strength training, It will make you enjoy more. Aerobic Exercise Makes You Healthier. The most obvious effect of aerobic exercise on your body, Is to increase cardiopulmonary endurance. Improve heart function: With the gradual increase of exercise intensity and time, Muscle movement requires a lot of nutrients and oxygen, The heart rate rises accordingly, Moreover, the amount of blood sent out by each pressure increases. Increase lung ventilation: Moderate intensity aerobic exercise stimulates the respiratory system deeply, the lung ventilation volume increases obviously, and the number of breaths increases compared with normal, so as to ensure the intake of oxygen. Heart and lung endurance increases, the body can complete longer or higher intensity exercise, and is not easy to fatigue. The air is not good, how to exercise? PM 2.5, These two years have been extremely distressing. Although exercise brings positive energy to the body, However, suspended particles enter the lungs in large quantities during exercise, There may not be too serious lung lesions in the short term, But in the long run, No less pressure on the lungs than heavy smokers, If there is a respiratory problem, Can’t run, can’t walk, I am suffering from pain, It’s a real loss of life if you can’t work out. So if the air quality index is off the charts, Let’s not go out for a run or do strenuous aerobic exercise without death. But please note that, This article emphasizes [medium and high intensity aerobic exercise]. Although it is said that when the air quality is off the charts, the indoor air is not much better, but relatively stable air, after all, can also precipitate some dirt. You can do some strength training while watching TV. A pair of dumbbells or a pair of mineral water bottles filled with sand can effectively help you. Training, such as squats and push-ups, which usually do not use equipment to counter your body’s self-weight, will also help you exercise relatively safely. Don’t forget that strength training and running can no longer satisfy you? Try high-intensity intermittent training. There are many resources on the Internet. The suggestion is to start with low intensity, Experience the changes brought about by various sports combinations. Regarding strength training, Horse nail line, human fishing line, abdominal muscles, buttocks, Needless to say, If you have already taken your legs, And held on for eight weeks and was ready to hold on, These sports will keep coming into your sight. At that time, you will deeply feel that the fun and harvest brought to you by sports and fitness are far more than the delicacies on the wine table, TV plays and variety shows. Every time I listen to the big ye say that, I will also reply: “It’s all right, you will definitely recover if you come out to do exercises every day!” ], and then run away, run away, feel more and more burning body, master their own health, is the good life.