Pregnant Dad School: The wife is pregnant for the fourth month, can pregnant dad do some what?

By the fourth month of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers’ physical strength has recovered and their appetite has gradually developed. If you are lucky, her [sex] may also come back…

Unfortunately, all the above [good news] have been destroyed by the accumulation of hormones.

How do hormones [destroy]?

The pregnant father who asked such a question either hasn’t experienced all kinds of emotional outbursts that his wife didn’t have any reason to do, or he didn’t expect that the initiator of this [unreasonable phenomenon] was the medical term with the beginning of the cursive character.

The high level of hormones can be said to make the pregnant mother suffer deeply-all the things she experiences make her tangled up, and all the things you do annoy her.

Do you have any impression that there seemed to be such a day or two before and after my wife’s great aunt?

At such times, try to be a big man. Don’t reason with her on such matters, say what [but why are you angry] and so on, do you think she can control…

Similar to the [don’t say she is fat] mentioned last month, from this month onwards, everyone will engrave this suggestion in their minds, and will intensify their efforts to sincerely tell her in the morning, noon and before going to bed: son, you are so beautiful.

What, do you say this does not respect the facts? Don’t you think her round face, ferocious nipples and black pudendum are beautiful?

Just… for the sake of sincerity, please think like this from the bottom of your heart: a woman, in order to give birth to a new life for this family, does not hesitate to endure physical and mental torture, such a heart, is really beautiful!

The sense of responsibility to be a father is coming on our faces? Don’t be afraid

Three months later, the wife needs you and the baby needs you. Does this experience make you suddenly realize: What should they do if they suddenly die?

This idea is not surprising. Even if you are healthy now and your living habits are healthy, it is inevitable that you will suddenly bear such pressure.

In fact, this kind of thinking is very common, especially if you were easily frightened before, you might even fall into a panic at this time.

Be realistic: fasten your seat belt while driving, never drink alcohol, and see clearly when crossing the road. What’s extreme sports only stay at the level of thinking.

Being cautious is not a bad thing, however, if the daydream of [sudden death] becomes a lingering [horror movie] in your mind, you may need to adjust.

For example, in an extreme case, if you can’t scare the door, or if you feel weak and sweaty at the thought of [you may die], then you may need to consider receiving anti-anxiety treatment from a psychologist.

Real Life: Opening an Account for Supplies

It costs money to raise a baby. I believe you have always taken this matter to heart.

However, how can it be implemented? Let’s start with a special [baby account].

At first, it was probably not difficult for what to make money every month. What is really difficult is to make money in every month.

Of course, the figures on the book will satisfy her. But you may find that there is no money to buy new games! There is no money to subscribe to the military magazine for the new year! There is no money to buy a new mobile phone! There is no money to recharge the card! … …

Comfort the little boy crying in his heart and guide him to think about it. There is going to be a younger brother/sister to play with. You can play tricks on TA to your heart’s content and enjoy TA’s admiring eyes. Are you happy? Looking forward to it or not?

Take her to exercise together.

It is really possible to exercise during pregnancy. As long as the doctor does not say [No], keep moving.

If you have the habit of exercising before, such as running 10km what every morning, you can continue, but you can adjust the speed and distance according to her physical ability. If you have practiced equipment before, it is also necessary to adjust the intensity or load.

In addition, it is safer to keep the pulse below 150. Pay attention to replenish water in time and guard against hyperthermia. If she feels any discomfort in the middle, stop immediately.

If you didn’t have the habit of exercising before, don’t rashly make what’s [exercise plan], be careful that her body is too much for her.

However, she can’t be lazy and almost motionless. After all, exercise is a good way to relieve stress. It can help the brain secrete [endorphins] and help regulate emotional state. Can you talk about it?

You can buy a yoga tutorial for pregnant women, or practice it with a CD or book for pregnant women, and then walk with her twice a day before/after meals.

In the middle, two key elements are very important: physical exercise and mutual companionship. Don’t make a mistake about the point, the center is her, not you.

There is a possibility here: what does she not want to do?

Whether she likes it or not, you should stick to it seriously and pull her together. Generally speaking, if you stick to it for a long time, you will naturally be able to drive her.

During the rest period, um… generally speaking, the demand of women in the second trimester of pregnancy will be relatively strong, which is also a way of exercise-the old rules, find out if she wants to say it again, and be careful of that violent temper…

Show by your actions that you love her very much.

Emotional, appearance changes greatly, guess this means what?

This means that she will lose confidence in herself, worry that you will change your mind, worry that you will no longer be interested in her, and worry that you will secretly do some what outside.

Therefore, in order to protect safety and ears, please do the following carefully:

  1. Don’t look at any woman who is not pregnant! Young and old!

  2. Don’t talk about any women around you who are not pregnant! No matter far or near!

  3. It’s okay to give her more hugs to make her feel that you still love her.

  4. Prepare some small gifts from time to time to make her feel that you still love her.

  5. Call her from time to time to make her feel that you still love her.

  6. No matter how what you are, let her feel that you still love her… … …

Otherwise… her voice will be very high decibel, her anger will be very ugly, she will drive you out of the house or put on pajamas and slippers back to her mother’s family in the middle of the night…

You have to hold it!