99% of the whole wheat bread you eat is not real whole wheat.

Whole wheat flour refers to flour obtained by directly crushing and grinding whole wheat without removing bran and germ.

The dietary fiber, B vitamins and minerals contained in whole wheat flour are much higher than those in common wheat flour, and the satiety is stronger and the blood sugar reaction is lower.

Therefore, [whole wheat bread] is often regarded as [weight loss food] by people who exercise and lose weight.

Can I eat whole wheat bread to lose weight?

Generally, it is not recommended to lose weight and eat bread, nor is it recommended to eat whole wheat bread.

Because common wheat flour is generally used to make bread, that is, the [refined white flour] that we often say we should eat less, which is not conducive to weight loss.

When there is no choice and no cooking, bread is really convenient. At this time, good whole wheat bread has advantages over ordinary bread.

How to eat during weight loss?

Pay attention to the control amount, one meal (such as breakfast) with other fruits and vegetables or beans, milk, eggs, lean meat, etc., eat 30 ~ 60g is appropriate; Men or those with large weight and activity can eat 100g.

However, whole wheat bread is not necessarily healthy. The whole wheat bread you buy is not necessarily the real whole wheat bread.

100% whole wheat flour not necessarily used

If you look at the ingredient list, you will know that not all whole wheat bread will use whole wheat flour, and the flour used will have these possibilities:

1. Whole wheat flour

All the flour is real whole wheat flour, which is real 100% whole wheat bread.

2. Whole wheat flour (wheat flour, edible bran, wheat germ)

The whole wheat flour used in this ingredient is [whole wheat flour] prepared by the manufacturer himself, so brackets will be added as the actual raw material description. Moreover, the proportion of wheat germ and edible bran added may not be the same as that of real whole wheat flour.

3. Whole wheat flour, oat flour, rye flour

Although it is not all whole wheat flour, oats and rye are also whole grains, so this combination is called [N kinds of grain whole wheat], which is reasonable.

4. Whole wheat flour, (high gluten) wheat flour

It is mainly whole wheat flour and mixed with some wheat flour (common wheat flour or high gluten wheat flour).

According to the requirements of the General Principles of Food Nutrition Labeling, the ingredients in food should be marked in the order of adding amount from more to less and from main to secondary, and whoever uses more should write the front.

(As shown above) Wheat flour is the second in the ingredient list, which shows that there is still a considerable amount of whole wheat flour.

5. Wheat flour, then separated by water, white granulated sugar and other ingredients, then appeared [whole wheat flour]

That is to say, in this kind of whole wheat bread, wheat flour is mainly used, and the amount of whole wheat flour is less than white granulated sugar. Do you think the pit is not pit?

However, the country has not made any standard requirements for [whole wheat bread]. These breads can indeed be called whole wheat bread.

In addition, add another information: in the ingredient list, you can see whole wheat flour [addition amount: 49%]. This is the weight proportion of [whole wheat flour] in the whole dough, that is, the value of whole wheat flour weight/(total weight of whole wheat flour + water + sugar + oil + other), not the value of whole wheat flour weight/(total weight of whole wheat + wheat flour).

Why not all 100% whole wheat flour

1. Cost Reasons

Because whole wheat flour requires higher grinding and preservation requirements, the price is more expensive than common wheat flour. Therefore, the above kinds of whole wheat bread have various names and prices range from dozens to several pieces.

2. Taste Reason

Bran in whole wheat flour will affect the formation of dough gluten, thus affecting the shaping and taste.

If 100% whole wheat bread really tastes rough and hard, many people are not used to it and cannot accept it at all. Therefore, reduce whole wheat flour, add some wheat flour and have less fiber, and the taste will be much softer and finer.

However, to improve the taste, there is not only one way to reduce whole wheat flour.

For example, food additives such as enzyme preparations and emulsifiers are often legally added to many breads sold on the market to make the bread larger in volume and more delicate in taste.

In addition, the amount of wheat bran is large, and the protein of whole wheat flour itself is not easy to form gluten. Therefore, some breads will choose to add [gluten flour]: an active gluten flour with a protein content of more than 80%, mainly composed of gluten and gluten.

Whole wheat bread = low calorie?

Even whole wheat bread with 100% whole wheat flour may have higher calories than ordinary bread, after all, the formula of bread can be varied and adjusted according to the nature.

To choose a really low-calorie whole wheat bread, you don’t listen to which name is more fancy or more expensive. You need:

1. Take a look at the ingredient list and nutrition list.

If only [whole wheat flour, wheat flour, salt, yeast] is included in the ingredient list, or gluten flour can be added, and the nutritional composition list has about one or two grams of fat, high dietary fiber and about 200 kilocalories per 100g of calories, it is really a good whole wheat bread.

However, if cream and sugar are added to the ingredients, the calories are close to 300 kilocalories per 100g and the fat content is 5 to 6 grams, then it is not a good low-energy food in what.

2. The taste should be rough and the satiety should be strong.

The taste is a bit rough, chewy, light and flavored with wheat. It is a good choice to be full after not eating much.

However, if it tastes sweet and soft, and people want to eat the second and third tablets after eating one tablet, they must stop quickly.

3. [Yan] Value is not the key, be careful of fraud

Don’t look at which bran has more dots or which color is darker (dark brown).

In bread with a small amount of whole wheat, bran can also be manually added to increase the rough taste. It is also possible that illegal manufacturers and small workshops use edible pigments to make white bread look like whole wheat bread.

4. No grease is king

After adding oil to the bread, the bread will be more fragrant, the taste will be more delicate and soft, the bread will have more gluten, and the bread will be taller and stronger when baked. Therefore, many businesses need to use oil with high saturated fat content to make whole wheat sliced bread.

Shortening is cheap and cost-effective, and is very popular with businesses. Even more expensive oils such as butter, animal cream and [natural] cream cannot offset the fact of high calories.

5. Be careful that the weight of a single piece varies greatly.

If you are a willing person and weigh the sliced bread you often eat at home, you will find that the weight of [a slice] of bread varies greatly from brand to brand.

Generally, the standard weight of a piece of bread should be 35g. However, I have weighed it before and found that the weight of a single piece of bread ranges from 27g to 56g, and the caloric difference is more than twice.

How to eat really low-calorie whole wheat bread?

    In fact, it is not difficult to find, you can search for whole wheat bread on e-commerce. You can buy it in the imported food area of supermarkets and some bakeries that mainly use whole wheat bread. You can also do it at home by buying all-round flour by yourself.