Rainy Huangmei days, be careful of mycotic vaginitis!

This time of year in Huangmei, more women are troubled by mycotic vaginitis than at other times. This rainy, warm and humid environment is simply a “paradise for mold”.

We can’t control the changes in the weather, but if we know more about mycotic vaginitis, we can still try our best to avoid this worry.

Is what mycotic vaginitis?

The main culprit of fungal vaginitis is Candida albicans. In fact, under normal circumstances, it will also exist in the vagina, but in their own resistance is reduced, or when Candida multiply in large quantities, symptoms will appear, such as bean curd residue-like leucorrhea, vulvar pruritus, etc.

Candida albicans has strong adhesion and toxicity to skin and mucosa, likes to grow in humid acidic environment, and its hyphae and spores are stubborn, which is difficult to kill by drugs. It can also exist in vaginal mucosa when the body has strong resistance, which is the fundamental reason why it is difficult to cure mycotic vaginitis.

Moreover, Candida albicans can also exist in male reproductive organs, leading to [candida balanitis] [mycotic urethritis] [mycotic prostatitis], etc.

Candida and its spores and hyphae can be transmitted back and forth between sexual partners along with sex, and it is always bad to repeat them. If a woman has mycotic vaginitis, remember to ask her partner if there are any uncomfortable symptoms. If so, it is best to treat them at the same time.

How to prevent it?

The main reason for the high incidence of mycotic vaginitis in Huangmei is the warm and humid climate, which is suitable for the growth of Candida albicans. Therefore, it is very important to keep close-fitting clothes, especially underpants, clean and dry.

How do I wash my underwear?

  1. Clean in time: It is best to change underwear every day. Wash underpants in time, and it is best not to spend the night, especially in rainy Huangmei days.

  2. Use mild laundry detergents: Use detergents that are not too alkaline and have good cleaning ability, such as soap. However, excessive detergent residues may lead to allergy and must be rinsed thoroughly.

  3. Recommended hand washing: underpants are generally relatively small, can be carefully rubbed with hand washing, key parts of the focus of cleaning, cleaning is more thorough. Especially when using public washing machines, in order to avoid mutual infection, underpants are better washed by hand alone.

  4. Full drying: Do not hang underwear in the bathroom to dry in the shade, it is best to dry it in the sun. If you encounter plum rains season, you can use a dryer if you have the conditions, or blow-dry with a hair dryer if you don’t have it.

  5. Check mildew spots: In Huangmei days, clothes placed in the wardrobe may also become mildew. Before wearing clothes, pay attention to check for mildew spots.

Other attention should be paid to what?

  1. Wear loose, breathable cotton underpants to keep vulva clean and dry.

  2. Before cleaning vulva, you should cut your nails short and clean your hands, because your hands will carry various bacteria, and your nails can also contain dirt, mold, etc.

  3. Pay attention to menstrual hygiene, use qualified sanitary napkins suitable for yourself, and change them frequently.

  4. Do not use irritating soap, soap and bath lotion when cleaning vulva, just scrub with clear water.

  5. Condom contraception is chosen because estrogen in the contraceptive pill will lead to an increase in glycogen in vaginal epithelium, which provides favorable conditions for the growth of Candida albicans in vagina.

Standardized treatment

If you are really ill, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Don’t take drugs without authorization, let alone trust all kinds of small advertisements.

  2. Under the guidance of doctors, drug use should be reasonably standardized, and drug use should not be stopped without authorization as soon as symptoms improve.

As mentioned earlier, under normal circumstances, Candida also exists in the vagina, but does not cause symptoms.

It is unlikely to completely remove mold from the vagina, especially for patients with recurrent attacks. Complete [root removal] must be deceptive. However, symptoms can be controlled and the probability of recurrence can be reduced or even no recurrence can be achieved by standardizing medication.

I hope this knowledge will help you not to be harassed by mycotic vaginitis in Huangmei days.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

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