Reading Picture Books: Protecting Eyes, Protecting Heart

After decades of hard work, Trachoma is no longer the first blinding eye disease in our country. As children stay at home longer, Let the topic of protecting eyesight and caring for the health of teenagers’ eyes once again become the focus of society. With the development of science and technology, electronic products continue to enter our life, more and more children are immersed in the electronic world, and the trend of children’s myopia at a younger age is becoming more and more obvious.

And the eye is the human visual organ, Is the window of the soul, If you lose your eyes, you will lose your ability to perceive the colorful world and have no fun in life. Therefore, it is our parents’ greatest wish to pay attention to protecting your eyes and let more and more children stay away from myopia and live a healthy life. In order to prevent children from being taught to protect their eyes from an early age, Dr. Clove gives the following suggestions to parents:

1. Educate children to sit up straight when reading, not to read or write on the table, not to read while lying down, so as not to cause strabismus.

2. When reading or writing, pay attention to the indoor lighting conditions. The light should not be too strong or too weak. It is better to use a desk lamp.

3. Keep a certain distance when watching TV, keep your eyes and screen in a horizontal position as far as possible, and the brightness of the TV cannot be too bright or too dark.

4. For children suffering from myopia, it is best to wear appropriate corrective glasses.

5. Educate children not to rub their eyes with their hands, but to have their own special towels to keep their eyes clean and sanitary.

6. Family members should pay attention to the overall nutrition of their children at ordinary times, eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement vitamins and trace elements needed by the body, and prevent myopia.

The following story can be told by parents to their children to help them form a good habit of protecting their eyesight.

Doctor Clove Tells Story: Myopic Bear Hanhan

Recently, Little Bear Hanhan has become addicted to cartoons. There are many good-looking cartoons on TV. Hanhan moved a small bench to sit in front of the TV. He looked at it for several hours and his eyes were almost stuck on the screen.

Mother Bear called Little Bear: “Hanhan, come outside and look far away, or you will become short-sighted!” ]

Hanhan did not move and said, “Mom, let me watch it for a while. The cartoon is too good.”

Hanhan also likes to read comic books, walking, lying down, in the sun and in the dark. Mother Bear said, “Hanhan, don’t read in the sun and in the dark, sit upright and read again!” ]

Hanhan promised in his mouth, but he still looked at it. His mother didn’t listen at all.

These days, Hanhan has become very unhappy because there seems to be something wrong with his eyes.

Mother asked Hanhan to help her bring the honey jar and make Hanhan a big honey cake with ice cream and fruit interlayer. Soft and sweet, let alone eating, even listening will make people drool! Hanhan did not see the road clearly. He tripped over the honey jar, threw a big bag on his forehead and spilled honey all over the ground.

Dad told Hanhan to play darts together. Hanhan likes to throw darts! However, the logo plate seems to have become blurred, and no matter how Hanhan rubs his eyes, he cannot see clearly. Darts also became disobedient. It happened that they flew outside the standard plate, and others disappeared at all.

Hanhan was so angry that he sat down on the ground: [No! No more! Everything at home bullied me, so I’d better go out and have a look.

[Hanhan, hello! ] Mother Chicken took her baby and greeted her head-on. Hanhan stared at her big eyes for half a day, but could not see who it was. As she became speechless, mother Chicken said angrily to the babies, “Don’t be so rude as he is in the future.”

Little Bear Hanhan was very wronged and hurried to explain, but Mother Chicken had already gone far.

[The scenery here is so beautiful! ] Kitty Mimi came up with the camera,

Hanhan, can you take a picture for me? ]

Hanhan happily took the camera, but looked through the lens, where is Mimi? How also can’t see clearly. Hanhan had to crustily skin of head pressed the shutter.

[Patta], the photo only shows Mimi’s half face.

[I don’t believe you anymore.] Xiao Mao Mimi threw the photo hard and walked away angrily.

Little Bear Hanhan was very sad and hurried to apologize, but Mimi had already gone far.

Hanhan went home dejectedly, but he could not see the road clearly and could only walk forward at random. Suddenly he ran into a guy, [ha ha, deliver it to the door by himself, today I really have a good taste! Cried the wolf with pride.

Before the little bear Hanhan could return to absolute being, he heard a [bang] sound and the wolf fell down. It turned out that the hunter who had been following him for several days had killed the wolf.

[Son, how dare even wolves get close? Said the hunter, smiling and touching Hanhan’s head.

Little bear Hanhan threw himself into the hunter’s arms and said sadly: “It’s all my fault that I didn’t listen to my mother and didn’t pay attention to protecting my eyes. Now I can’t see clearly in what…” The kind hunter sent Hanhan home.

Although Hanhan now knows it is time for how to protect his eyes, it is not easy to recover his broken eyes. Until now, bear Hanhan’s myopia is still well known.

Experts’ Words to Children

Children, eyes are the windows of the heart. People observe and know things outside through their eyes. Poor eyesight will affect study and work. After primary school, you have to read and study every day, so protecting your eyes is especially important. Therefore, please be sure to pay attention to the following points:

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene, do not use other people’s facial towels and washbasins, and carry handkerchiefs or facial towels with you.

2. Be careful not to be hurt by sharp pencils, bamboo sticks, firecrackers, lime powder and other dangerous articles.

3. Don’t read and write in strong light; When reading and studying, one should sit upright with one’s eyes about 33cm away from the book. Don’t read while sleeping, walking or riding.

4. Every half hour of reading books, you should look left and right or close your eyes to rest and learn to do eye exercises.

5. If you feel that you can’t see clearly, you should tell your parents in time and ask the doctor to correct the cause.