Recurrent infantile eczema? 9 Suggestions to Help You

Infant eczema, as the saying goes, is usually found on both cheeks, forehead, brow, scalp and other parts of the baby, as well as on the trunk and limbs in severe cases.

At the beginning, there are usually symmetrically distributed erythema, and then some small red pimples or blisters gradually appear on these erythema.

Because there will be severe pruritus, the baby often scratches. After the blister is damaged, it has not completely scabbed and is scratched again by the baby.

Eczema on the baby’s face recurs over and over again, the baby itches hard, and the mother also feels distressed.

How can effectively control the onset of eczema? Take a look at the following 9 suggestions.

In fact, infantile eczema is caused by the interaction of many factors. Simple infantile eczema has self-healing nature. Most of them start to develop within 1-3 months after birth, gradually decrease after 6 months, and gradually heal after 1.5 years old.

The treatment of eczema should take safe and reasonable comprehensive treatment measures on the basis of not affecting the growth and development of the baby, and should focus on local application of drugs and repair of damaged skin barrier. Therefore, parents must do a good job in moisturizing the baby’s skin.

Do a good job in these 9 items to get rid of the baby’s recurrent eczema.

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