Remember four words, don’t be afraid of what to drink for dinner! For all people with hyperuricemia and gout

Eating out is often a headache for gout or hyperuricemia patients: looking at all kinds of attractive food on the menu, I can’t help but want to try it, but on second thought, I’m afraid that eating wrong will cause gout attacks… When I’m hesitating, the waiter will also hand over a drink list and ask:

[What would you like to drink? ]

In fact, it is not difficult to ask what to drink. At this time, you can say the following words to the waiter.

First sentence: [Please give me some water first.]

Be sure to remember to drink a lot of water, so that it is conducive to uric acid through urine excretion. Whether it is earlier than friends to the restaurant, occupies a seat and so on, or orders a good dish in waiting for a meal, it is best to have a cup or a pot of plain boiled water first. Considering the possibility of running several more toilets, you can try your best to choose a seat on the outside.

However, plain boiled water is too light after all. Some restaurants do not provide free light lemonade, Korean barley tea or Japanese buckwheat tea at plain boiled water meetings, which is also a good choice.

Second sentence: [I can’t drink.]

All kinds of alcohol, beer, red wine and white wine should be avoided as much as possible.

Although the purine content in wine is not high, alcohol will greatly accelerate the conversion of purine into uric acid and slow down the excretion of uric acid.

If there is a need for [meaning], control it within one day, drink no more than one can of beer (350-500ml), drink no more than 1-2 small handleless wine cups (30-60ml), and reduce the amount of meat and other high purine foods eaten at the same meal.

I don’t drink sweet drinks either. Do you have any without sugar? ]

Whether it is a red can or a yellow can of herbal tea, Apple juice, grape juice, orange juice and other fruit juice beverages, yogurt or lactic acid bacteria beverages, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, coconuts and other vegetable protein beverages, black tea, green tea, oolong tea beverages, or cola and other carbonated beverages, whenever you can see the word [beverage] that is not necessarily conspicuous on the packaging, you must pay attention to the sugar content is usually not low.

In particular, fructose hidden in these sweet drinks will promote uric acid production in the body.

Some restaurants will provide [freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice] [freshly squeezed corn juice] [now made low-fat milkshake] [now made coarse cereals drink] [now ground soybean milk], etc., giving people a very [natural and healthy] feeling.

However, in fact, in order to ensure the taste, sugar is inevitably added to many freshly squeezed and freshly ground beverages. Once you don’t pay attention to drinking too much, you will have the risk of excessive sugar intake, causing obesity or metabolic disorders, thus promoting gout.

Flower and fruit tea, Babao tea, etc., also have the possibility of adding too much crystal sugar, also should pay attention to.

1. If you are in a Western restaurant, it is generally not recommended to drink large amounts of coffee. In addition to avoiding excessive caffeine intake, be careful of the sugar, coffee companion and cream snow top that may be added to the coffee. You can choose American style, latte and small cup as much as possible.

2. If you have pure milk or yogurt in a coffee shop, it will be a good choice. Especially low-fat or skim milk, which is conducive to reducing the level of blood uric acid.

3. If you take a nap in the teahouse: According to your personal preference, as long as you don’t choose too strong tea, all kinds of tea can be drunk.

Fourth sentence: [If there is soya-bean milk without sugar, I can drink less.]

The purine content of dry soybean is indeed relatively high, but after making soybean milk, the purine content is diluted more than 20 times accordingly. If you don’t add sugar or only add a little sugar, and don’t drink like water, you don’t need to worry about the increase of uric acid.

The last meal reminder for everyone is: If you go to a special restaurant such as hot pot, sour soup fish, pickled fish, crock soup, etc., pay attention to not drinking more soup if you can drink less soup, and try not to drink soup cooked for a long time.