Why do big hospitals always have to wait, squeeze and be afraid of cross infection?

When the big hospitals are crowded and crowded, and so on, dragging the sick body through the labyrinth of hospitals, have you ever imagined a more comfortable way to see a doctor without worrying about being [slaughtered]?

What options do we have? I want to talk about a clinic I know.

Is a consultation fee expensive in 180 yuan?

There is a clinic in Binjiang District of Hangzhou City.

This clinic charges adults 180 yuan per visit. This fee includes pharmacist service fee and follow-up fee within five days after the visit, that is, patients can consult the doctor online about the illness related to the last visit within five days after the visit.

If the sick is a child, the first consultation fee is 300 yuan, and the subsequent follow-up consultation fee is 100 yuan.

It looks quite expensive, doesn’t it? In fact, it is cheaper than in a big hospital.

For example, children cough, fever, big hospitals in order to avoid possible medical disputes, most of them will open chest X-ray examination to confirm or eliminate pneumonia, regardless of the severity of symptoms, to carry out infusion treatment. A mild pneumonia treatment, about 5,000 yuan is indispensable.

This clinic has a different view.

They pointed out that according to the diagnosis and treatment standards for community-acquired pneumonia and referring to the latest clinical diagnosis and treatment guidelines formulated by the American Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and the American Society of Infectious Diseases, the diagnosis and treatment principle should be to minimize the cost of medical treatment on the premise of ensuring the quality of medical care.

Clinic doctors auscultate cough, fever children’s lungs, if found pneumonia will have abnormal breathing sound, will make a diagnosis, do not need to take chest radiograph to confirm, in order to avoid more radiation exposure to children. At this time, blood routine examination is not too valuable, according to the diagnosis and treatment standard, the clinic will only carry out free oxygen saturation examination.

After the diagnosis of [mild pneumonia] is made, the doctor will prescribe enough medicine for the child for three or four days-yes, the medicine in this clinic is sold in pieces, and efforts are made to realize [zero price difference of drugs]-and make an appointment for the next follow-up visit.

The whole course of treatment lasts about 7 ~ 10 days. According to the standardized diagnosis and treatment design, a first diagnosis and treatment fee in 300 yuan, two follow-up diagnosis and treatment fees in 100 yuan, plus medicine money, only 987 yuan is needed in total. Compared with the 5,000 yuan in large hospitals under the same circumstances, it is actually much cheaper.

The above list is only a microcosm of the work of this small clinic.

The so-called [standardization of diagnosis and treatment] is to unify the diagnosis and treatment process of common diseases into a standard, so that the diagnosis and treatment expenses of diseases can be measured. Its purpose is to make medical expenses affordable on the basis of ensuring medical quality.

Can you see what?

Although it is only a small clinic, it has doctors in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, geriatrics and emergency department.

On weekdays, children’s headache and brain fever, the elderly’s traumatic injury, the discomfort caused by sedentary white-collar workers, etc., and the health problems of the whole family can be solved by this clinic.

Most importantly, there is no need to queue up!

The appointment was made at what time and the doctor started at what time. From the doctor’s inquiry to the payment of medicine, you only need to stay in the clinic most of the time and wait for different clinic staff to serve you.

In order to make the medical experience more comfortable, the clinic has done enough work in many details.

    For example, in order to prevent the patients in the clinic from being disturbed unnecessarily, after each patient enters the clinic, the nurse will turn on the warning light outside the clinic and draw the curtain at the door. For example, the ear thermometer and the part of the clinic bed that directly contacts the patient are equipped with disposable materials that are convenient to disassemble and replace. For example, in order to avoid the embarrassment of patients running around the world with a cup of excrement, the clinic has prepared a convenient toilet box for patients. More details are still waiting for you to find out in person.

Although it looks small, it can provide common clinical laboratory examination reports such as routine examination of blood, urine and feces and blood biochemical examination within one hour. As for thyroid hormone and other endocrinology-related examinations, trace element examinations (only when necessary) and other blood examinations, as well as ultrasound and electrocardiogram examinations, the clinic cooperated with Shanghai Siwei Company to obtain remote reports, which took about half an hour.

After receiving the examination, the patient does not need to come to pick up the report again, queue up and wait for the doctor to interpret it. Since the network contact information has been registered at the time of seeing the doctor, checking the report and obtaining the interpretation can be completed online through WeChat.

Is it trustworthy?

My feeling is that this clinic is as trustworthy as a big hospital.

They all employ senior doctors from top-level hospitals in China. Therefore, the experience and level of doctors are all [competitive].

It is said that the managers of this clinic firmly believe that medical treatment experience is an important part of trust. To this end, they design the whole medical treatment process with the thinking mode of Internet [user experience], and control the quality of every detail in every link.

Such as the patient [the room is quite warm, It is not convenient to hold clothes in your hand, where can you put them] [is the examination equipment clean], the worries of the children [is it necessary to give an injection], the people accompanying you to see the doctor [where should you go] [is the examination bed, toilet, doctor’s hand clean] and other ideas, the managers have considered in advance and designed the medical work flow and clinic hardware in a targeted way.

Not only the medical treatment process, but also the medicine taking list and medicine patch provided to the patients, the clinic has also carefully designed them so that the patients will not have to worry about [not understanding the doctor’s writing of some what] [getting the medicine with the eating method, but still not knowing how to take it].

Is this a what clinic?

This is Clove Clinic located in Binjiang District of Hangzhou City.

And Dr. Clove are two flowers from the same team.

By sue