School Season: How to Carry Schoolbags Correctly?

The summer vacation is over, and many children have to carry schoolbags to school again. Children are in their developmental stage, and incorrect backpacks can also bring harm to children. How should carry schoolbags correctly. I compiled and summarized the opinions of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Cleveland Clinic.

First, choose a backpack, because a single backpack can lead to muscle sprain.

Second, choose a bag with shoulder bandwidth and cushion, and it is better to have cushion on the back side.

Third, the size of the backpack should be 2 inches (about 5.1 cm) higher than the buttocks at the bottom.

Four, travel light, put heavy things in the center of the backpack, let the two shoulders bear force evenly.

Five, the weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% ~ 20% of the child’s weight.

Six, if the school allows, you can consider tie rods (backpacks with rollers), which is a good choice for children who need to carry heavy objects. In bad places, you have to carry them up stairs. Some roads are not easy to push or put into lockers.

Author: Pei Honggang