Scientific sun protection, not afraid of flames and scorching sun

Sunscreen should not only be the patent of beautiful women, because sunscreen is not only to prevent sunburn, but also to prevent sunburn, photoaging, wrinkles and even skin cancer. Who is your killer? Ultraviolet rays in sunlight, Shining on the surface of the earth, including long-wave UVA and medium-wave UVB. UVB can reach the dermis, Sunburn the skin, Causing skin peeling, erythema, Serious even blisters, But it can be blocked by glass, sunshades, clothes, etc. More than 95% of the ultraviolet rays reaching the earth’s surface are UVA, It will pass through the glass window refracted into the room, can penetrate into the dermis layer, will destroy collagen, elastic fibers, is the most important reason for skin aging ahead of schedule, can cause skin light aging, fine lines and even skin cancer. Light skin color, not easy to tan, but most prone to sunburn; Dark skin color but not easy to get red and sunburn. Generally speaking, Although Chinese skin is not particularly prone to sunburn or sunburn, However, if you are exposed to sunlight for a long time without sun protection measures, There are still hidden dangers. The most basic principle to avoid direct exposure is not to expose your skin directly to the sun. Try to avoid long outdoor activities between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in summer. If going out is inevitable, Appropriate physical sun protection measures, Such as hat, anti-ultraviolet umbrella, sunglasses, long sleeve dark coat, etc. 2. The first step to choose sunscreen products is to understand the main components of sunscreen products-sunscreen. (1) Physical VS chemical physical sunscreen can reflect the ultraviolet rays irradiated to the human body. The principle is like the reflective coating of a sunshade, The main components are zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, It is characterized by little irritation, Suitable for sensitive skin, But the texture is greasy. Chemical sunscreens react chemically by absorbing the energy of ultraviolet rays. Finally, it is emitted in the form of heat. (2) The sunburn and tanning index, the sun protection index, is also known as SPF. It is a test index of the defense capability of sunscreen to UVB. It’s sunburn protection. The protective effect is PA. It is divided into three levels, That is, effective PA +, quite effective PA + +, very effective PA + + +. The sun protection factor PA is the detection index of the defense capability of sunscreen products against UVA, Mainly to prevent skin tanning. (3) Different skin types exclusive sunscreen oily and acne skin: Should choose water dosage form with strong penetration, sunscreen with oil-free formula, General product specifications will indicate Oil-Free or Non-comedogenic, It is refreshing and not greasy to use. Do not clog pores. Use sunscreen or physical sunscreen with caution for oily skin. Dry skin: Dry skin must be moisturized with texture, It also adds sunscreen with moisturizing effect and enhancing skin immunity. Sensitive skin: To be on the safe side, It is recommended to choose a professional sunscreen for sensitive skin. Or clearly write in the product description [pass the allergy test], [pass the dermatologist test], [do not contain perfume, preservative] and other explanatory words. It is better to choose physical sunscreen. (4) Apply chemical sunscreen 20-30 minutes in advance to be absorbed by skin, and it takes a period of time to transform. Therefore, chemical sunscreen must be applied 20-30 minutes before going out, And should be wiped after the foundation moisturizing is completed. The amount of sunscreen products must be sufficient. In outdoor activities, Ultraviolet rays are strong and sweat is high, Sweat dilutes sunscreen, Therefore, it must be reapplied every few hours. 3. Treatment of sunburn After sunburn, skin loses a lot of moisture, Melanin synthesis increased, Therefore, a large amount of water and a proper amount of vitamin C must be supplemented after sun exposure. You can use moisturizing spray to continuously replenish water to your skin, And use whitening or sun repair products. If you get sunburned carelessly, The skin is red and swollen, itchy or burning. Can use normal saline or ice milk gauze wet compress, Apply for about 20 minutes each time. The clinical manifestation of sunburn is erythema within minutes to hours after irradiation. Serious also can skin red swelling, peeling, blisters, After several hours to several days, the skin continued to turn black, It can be delayed for several weeks. In terms of treatment, mild erythema will generally subside by itself, or ice milk can be poured on gauze to wet compress, which can calm and whiten the skin. However, if the skin is red, swollen, peeling and blisters, and feels hot, stabbing or itchy, you should go to the hospital. Breaking the rumor of sun protection 1. The higher the sun protection factor, the better? In terms of sunscreen effect, the higher the sunscreen factor of sunscreen products, the better: but the higher the sunscreen factor of products, it means that the more sunscreen agents are added, the greater the irritation to skin. Therefore, if you go to work normally, SPF15, PA + products can be completely satisfied. For long-term outdoor sports, SPF25 ~ SPF35, PA + + products should be selected. 2. Sunscreen should be applied evenly and with good effect? Some people rub and massage sunscreen back and forth on their faces. Hard to squeeze it into pores, It would be easy [to rub mud], It also clogs pores, It reduces the effect of sun protection. Sunscreen has a large molecular weight, Apply a proper amount to the fingers or palm when smearing. After gently dizzy, pat it on the part that needs sun protection, and pat it evenly. It is worth reminding that, Do not apply sunscreen around your eyes and lips. You can use eye cream and lipstick with sunscreen value. Don’t worry that these things will put pressure on special parts of your skin that are fragile and sensitive. Because it must be at least less than being exposed to sunlight and under the pressure of ordinary sunscreen. But in terms of choice, it is better to choose the physical sunscreen type. 3. Fruit-colored sunscreen clothing is fashionable and sunscreen? In recent years, a kind of light and light sunscreen clothing with bright colors has become popular. In fact, dark clothes made of the same material have better sunscreen effect. In addition, Please pay special attention to product tags and other information. Anti-ultraviolet products should have relevant sun protection signs. The sunscreen clothing sold on the market, which costs tens of dollars each, will not have better sun protection effect than ordinary clothes. 4. Skin cancer is a problem only found by foreigners? Because of the type of skin and living habits, The incidence of skin cancer is indeed much lower than that of Westerners, About 1-2 per 100,000. But with the improvement of people’s quality of life, Yue light bath, outdoor sports have become fashionable, And now the atmospheric ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner, The amount of ultraviolet rays passing through the atmosphere is higher than before, Therefore, the incidence of skin cancer is getting higher and higher in recent years. Early detection and early diagnosis, Some skin cancers can be cured by surgery, However, it is found that the operation opportunity may be lost too late, and there will be dissemination and transfer in serious cases. Therefore, people who are often excessively exposed to ultraviolet rays must do a good job in sun protection measures to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. After reading so much knowledge about sun protection, you can arm yourself and then be confident and ready to go out for activities!