Seven Little Knowledge about Boys [Shame]

The apple of Eden, like a stone, smashed into Eve’s inner lake, instantly stirring up ripples. Curiosity and shame began to sprout in Eve’s heart at the same time.

Like you when you were young, you were full of curiosity, but shyly hid all question marks in your heart.

What are the secrets of men’s bodies? Are you curious as a woman? Do you really know everything as a man?

Below (literally), please welcome Liu Bi, a urological teacher, to give you, who has been rubbing your hands for a long time, a preaching career to dispel doubts!

Why do boys have morning waves?

You must think it is the most romantic thing to wake up every morning with sunshine and him, but don’t forget, perhaps Chen Bo (Chen Bo) has been watching you silently for a long time.

However, [Chen Bo who gets up early] does not mean that your [small motor] is back on line again. [Chen Bo] mostly appears unconsciously, at about 4 ~ 7 o’clock and 3 ~ 5 times a night.

As a woman, don’t think that the appearance of [Chen Bo] is due to you. It is mostly related to the depth of sleep, changes in androgen levels in the body and reflex of internal organs (holding urine).

In addition, Chenbo can also be used to distinguish the types of erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, the appearance of [Chen Bo] may not matter what happens to you, but the absence of [Chen Bo] may be your problem.

Why is the skin of balls cool?

No matter how hard the heart is, there are times when it is soft, just like no matter how warm-blooded the man is, there is also a [cool] part-scrotum.

As a stable output of a boy’s [masculinity], balls not only secrete androgen but also produce sperm.

However, the more important the part, the more vulnerable it is.

Eggs are very sensitive to temperature and must be in an environment of 34 ~ 35 ℃ to maintain their normal function. Therefore, scrotal skin, as [eggshell], bears the important task of regulating testicular temperature.

When cold, scrotal skin shrinks to reduce heat dissipation; When it is hot, scrotal skin relaxes to increase heat dissipation.

Therefore, in order to protect his [soft core], you should appropriately advise him to wear less tight underwear and jeans, not to soak in hot springs for too long, and not to go to saunas too frequently.

Why are some Penis curved?

Penis bends and is not strong anymore?

In fact, it is mostly said that Penis, an adult male, will have [deviation] in different degrees and directions when he is [fully extended], and only about 30% of them are completely [straight].

Therefore, for most people, slightly curved Penis is normal and does not affect [use].

Don’t make a fuss about the common individual differences. This [twist] will not affect your path to happiness.

However, curiosity and freshness will eventually pass. In the long years of getting along with each other, you need more understanding and understanding of him, even if you quarrel…

Restraint, calm, don’t kick [in the balls]

Even if you quarrel, you should calm down, take a deep breath, and do [stop your hands and don’t stretch your legs] to avoid hitting boys in various ways.

Maybe you [just] want him [egg pain], but he may have to bear much more than that.

First of all, [egg pain] is actually quite painful…

The nerves and blood vessels of the balls are abundant, and the feeling of pressure is sensitive. This kind of pain may even cause shock (painful shock); If blood vessels such as testicular artery are injured, shock (hemorrhagic shock) caused by blood loss may also occur.

For [balls], small [caresses] happy feeling, critical strike killing me.

Sisters, please think twice before shooting.

[Tough Guy] Penis Will Break

If you suddenly hear [pa] when you are exercising violently and improperly… … …

As a result, Penis of the other side quickly withered, swelled, cyanotic and congestion, and then leaned to one side, similar to an eggplant (eggplant deformity)…

At the same time, according to the ferocious face on his face, you should probably know that he [Penis broke]…

Yes, the phenomenon of penis fracture still exists, mostly due to external violence during erection.

Although this kind of phenomenon is relatively rare, once it happens, the scene is also very worrying.

Therefore, female friends, in actual [operation], please treat each other and each other’s [brothers] gently, [strength] not too hard, posture not too distorted.

Give him a little more patience

[Premature ejaculation] affects about 20% ~ 30% of men. It is related to genital diseases, lack of sexual knowledge and experience, poor physical quality, fatigue, psychological factors, etc.

Many patients with premature ejaculation may even feel anxious and depressed due to lack of confidence and guilt.

It is also because of this that women must not lose confidence in each other early. After all, some [premature ejaculation] can be improved by adjusting their psychological state. In addition, [behavioral therapy] and drugs are the main methods to treat premature ejaculation, which requires the cooperation and encouragement of the woman.

When I was young, I always wanted to climb over high mountains, but when I saw high mountains, I found that the most difficult thing to climb was life.

Learn to be satisfied, life is also beautiful.

To [big], more to [live]

Everyone wants it, but who can guarantee that it will definitely live well?

The average length of male Penis erection in our country is about 10 ~ 12 cm (please note that it is the average length), as long as it meets this range, it is [good boy].

But even if you don’t meet this condition, you don’t need to be discouraged.

Hardness is more closely related to sex quality than length.

Ladies and gentlemen should understand a truth, it is good to have enough size, but skills can be improved through practice.

After all, children only care about size, and old drivers pay more attention to skills.

Dr. Clove knew that seeing here, perhaps young you blushed again and again, with Mao Mao in your heart and itchy hands.

Well, if it has been washed clean, put down your cell phone and start…