Can slimming cream really lose weight?

[Doctor Clove, can slimming cream lose weight? Seeing the comparison before and after the use of the buyer show, I was so moved! ]

Every time I see such a problem, Dr. Clove has a little heartache. If you want to lose weight, you are always too lazy to shut up and take your legs. You are always thinking of taking some shortcuts, which is easy to be fooled.

So, is the weight loss cream what? Can it help you lose weight?

Dr. Clove asked Dr. Fu Shibo to unveil the mystery of slimming cream.

How can slimming cream be applied [thin]?

At present, the common weight loss creams on the market mainly have the following genres in terms of composition:

Step 1 Dehydrate You

Some people who look fat have obvious edema in addition to subcutaneous fat hypertrophy.

For this kind of people, external use of some drugs containing dehydration and diuresis functions, such as caffeine, aescin and other ingredients, which are often the main ingredients in slimming cream, can reduce local edema and make them look thinner.

However, this effect is very short-lived and cannot fundamentally improve edema, let alone reduce fat and weight.

2. Make you feel hot & cool

Some slimming creams will feel warm or cold immediately after being applied to the skin. At this time, people will think that this is a remarkable drug effect and [burning fat].

In fact, this is because the menthol, capsaicin and other ingredients contained in the slimming cream excite the nerve endings responsible for feeling the temperature and produce the corresponding cool or hot feeling.

As for the specific effect, it is only limited to cold or hot sensation and relaxation or contraction of capillaries, and is not really getting thinner.

Step 3 Tighten your skin

Wearing tight stockings can make your legs look thinner. Similarly, if your skin can be tighter, you will also look thinner.

As the human body ages, collagen in the skin will gradually decrease, and some daily injuries will reduce the content of elastic fibers in the skin. Over time, the skin will become thinner and the elasticity will decrease.

Some ingredients in slimming cream, such as vitamin A and tretinoin, can promote skin collagen deposition and repair of elastic fibers, making skin more tight and creating the illusion of thinning.

But for fat, they are really useless.

Can slimming cream lose weight

I’m sorry, I can’t.

Although slimming cream may have certain effects, it is absolutely impossible to really reduce fat and weight. Moreover, some ingredients in slimming cream have strong irritation to sensitive constitution and are easy to produce allergic reactions. Special attention should be paid to it when smearing. There are some products that need to be protected from light (such as vitamin A and isotretinoin) to avoid toxic and side effects.

At present, effective topical fat-reducing drugs do not exist.

Want to carry out local fat reduction, only through surgery liposuction and professional medical beauty. For people who want to reduce fat all over their bodies, unless they are severely obese enough to need gastric contraction surgery, the effect of reasonable diet and moderate exercise can definitely be much larger than repeated application of slimming cream.

Weight loss should be based on healthy diet and proper exercise in any case. In extreme cases, safe and effective weight loss drugs or surgery can be selected according to doctor’s advice.

If you want to try weight loss cream, you should also polish your eyes and learn to identify and choose what is suitable for you. More importantly, you must not let the three non-products with potential safety hazards hurt your skin.