Seven Things to Know About Your First Sex Life

Press the road, pull your hands, kiss your mouth… ah, finally upgrade to [home run]! Nervous and expectant, but are you really ready?

First, do you want to take this step?

Some people are more calm about sex, while others hesitate whether they should have sex before marriage. In fact, the answer is very simple:

The first time is a good experience for yourself and your partner, which requires both of you to reach a consensus.

If you have any rejection or hesitation, feel that you are not ready, or even run counter to your religious beliefs, even if the other party strongly requests, you can completely refuse.

Don’t do it to please your partner.

If you don’t want to, the other half will put emotional pressure on you with reasons such as “give me if you love me”, “all other couples have done it” and “only when we do it can we be regarded as real couples”. Speak out your thoughts bravely.

The relationship between the two sexes is based on mutual respect and equality. If the other party threatens to break up because of your refusal, such a partner should not be allowed to do so.

Don’t do it because of that eye of others

If you and your partner are willing to wait, you don’t need to cater to others’ eyes, because the first time is the decision of both of you.

You must know some people who have had sex, but if they say [why haven’t you done it yet? ] [You are a virgin/virgin you don’t understand] [We did it as soon as we were together] to suggest that you have had sex is a sign of maturity, um… let them say it.

When you and your partner both agree that sex is a pleasant experience physically and mentally, you also understand that what is safe sex. Enjoy it. No one has the right to accuse you and you will not be [fall in price].

Second, how to use condoms?

Don’t think that you won’t get pregnant for the first time and won’t infect diseases. The premise of enjoying sexual pleasure must be safety! Proper use of condoms is also helpful for the smooth entry of penis and reduces discomfort caused by friction. Yes, you are right, and boys may also feel discomfort for the first time.

    Condoms should be worn when the penis is fully erect, Because… it can’t be worn when it is soft. One hand gently squeezes out the air in the seminal vesicle at the front of the condom with its thumb and index finger. With the other hand, gently [roll] the condom open to ensure that it covers the entire penis. Wear the condom before the genitals contact, that is, before [rub]. If the condom partially slips during sexual intercourse, immediately return to its original position; If the whole condom slips out, immediately pull out the penis and put on a new condom. After ejaculation, pull out the penis in time when it is still erect, hold down the bottom of the condom with your hand, and then remove the condom after completely pulling out.

3. Is it better to do it for the first time in what?

The principle is safety, comfort and cleanliness. You can choose a hotel where there is no one at home or the environment is clean and comfortable. A warm and comfortable environment is more conducive to both parties to relax fully.

Whether you choose to be at home or in a hotel, safety and privacy are the first thing. You always don’t want to leave a shadow on yourself when your parents suddenly come home or the hotel knocks at the door for rounds for the first time, do you?

For health reasons, please choose a comfortable and clean place. Small hotels with substandard hygiene will not only make people disillusioned, but also have the risk of infectious diseases.

Four, what preparations should be made before and after the event?

In addition to psychological preparation, of course, we should also talk about health issues.

It is better for both parties to clean carefully in advance. If you want to better mobilize the atmosphere, you can use some perfume in an appropriate amount, but do not spray perfume on your private parts.

After the first time, some girls will bleed, just wash with clear water.

Five, foreplay is very important!

Adequate foreplay helps women’s vagina secrete lubricating liquid, which is convenient for subsequent penis entry.

Gentle eyes, provocative words, kisses and caresses can arouse the sexual desire of the other party. In the process of being caressed, women can also actively explore and tell the other party their sensitive belts (such as neck, back, inner thigh, etc.).

You can also consider preparing water-based lubricants in advance. If you are too nervous and do not have sufficient sexual arousal, the vagina is prone to dryness and pain, and it will become more difficult for boys to enter.

If you must give a time range dogmatically, there should be at least 10-15 minutes of foreplay.

Six, with what posture is good?

For the first time, choose a simpler posture. Missionary posture is relatively easy to master.

The girl lies flat with her legs separated and bent. The boy can lie prone directly on the girl, or half support her body with her hands, or take a kneeling posture. The girl can guide the boy with her hands to help the penis enter the woman’s vagina smoothly.

Seven, the first time the most easily encountered problems

1. I didn’t find the right position and couldn’t get in.

If both sides are novices, this kind of embarrassment is likely to occur. Therefore, I would suggest that you should be familiar with your body first. If you can’t even distinguish vagina from urethra, you may as well look at it in a mirror first.

Step 2: First Pain

It is inevitable that there will be a little pain for the first time, not only for girls but also for boys, but this kind of pain will not generally lead to fainting.

The girl’s psychological fear will eventually be overcome by herself, but the support of the boy around her is also very important. When the girl is uncomfortable, she should slow down and gently caress and kiss her, and the girl will relax a lot.

3. It’s over without feeling at all

The first time you have an orgasm, of course congratulations. However, many people have difficulty having an orgasm for the first time or even the first few times, and may not have any pleasure.

Getting a better experience is related to the tacit cooperation between the two sides and their familiarity with their own bodies. Don’t think too much.

Step 4: Ejaculate soon

Some boys said they ejaculated as soon as they entered or even [just arrived at the door] and felt very anxious. This is really a very normal phenomenon.

First of all, psychologically, this is a very new thing. For the first time, there is no experience at all. Tension, excitement, anxiety and other emotions will have an impact. Secondly, the first time you are physically stimulated by this kind of stimulation, you will also be more sensitive, and it will be normal several times more. You really don’t have to worry.