Should children drink children’s milk?

Look in the supermarket, the market of children’s milk propaganda is overwhelming. Many parents are not clear, most of them follow the advertisement to buy. The following is a talk about the children’s milk parents are generally concerned about the problem, hoping to help. 1. Some children’s milk said that it has the function of strengthening bones and helping intellectual development, is it really effective? According to our country’s administrative regulations, In order to publicize the special health care effect of a certain edible product on human body in what, Relevant experimental studies must be carried out according to regulations, After proving valid, When applying for the batch number of health food, In order to publicize the health care effects of the period. So, Various health claims of food, Unless there is research evidence, There is the batch number of health food, Otherwise, you don’t have to take it too seriously. At least the children’s milk seen on the market at present does not have the batch number of health food. Drinking these products has these health care effects, which is difficult to judge, cannot prove, if there is no effect, consumers can’t raise objections. 2. Many children’s milk is added with DHA, prebiotics and other nutrients, are these helpful to children? Many children’s milk manufacturers will claim to add taurine, DHA, prebiotics, fish oil, dietary fiber, nut compound oil and other nutrients to their products. In fact, A little extra health care ingredients in milk is not necessarily bad, But the amount it can provide is very limited, It is hard to say that it plays an important role in the diet as a whole. In a sense, it is just a propaganda point. According to China’s nutrition labeling regulations, A nutritional ingredient must reach more than 15% of the daily reference value before it can be advertised as the source of this ingredient. Above 30% to advertise is a rich source of this ingredient. For example, If the DHA content in milk is less than 15% of the daily intake reference value, It cannot advertise that this product is meaningful to the supply of DHA. Milk is not the source of dietary fiber, Nor is it the source of DHA, let alone expect to replace other kinds of rich natural foods. It is the most important thing for children to form the habit of eating a variety of natural foods. It is only psychological comfort for parents to attach importance to the health-care ingredients added to milk. 3. Is children’s milk sweeter, sugar and calorie higher than ordinary milk? Yes, adding sugar to the original ingredients of milk, The heat of the product will rise. The heat is high, It means it is more likely to make people fat. One of the secrets of success of children’s milk is the word “sweet”. In order to tempt children to choose children’s milk, They are all added with sweet substances such as sugar and honey, Some products are also added with flavors such as milk essence or vanillin, Let children love this taste more. Children’s taste is more sensitive than adults. And naturally like sweet taste, Once you drink this sweet milk, you are very reluctant to accept non-sweet milk. However, at present, the overweight and obesity rate of urban children in our country has reached the level of developed countries in the world. It is not worth advocating to let children drink this sugary milk with higher calories. 4. Look at the packaging of children’s milk. Many of them have additives. Does it affect children’s health? The influence of additives depends on the type of what. Nutrient additives: no harm to children; Thickeners and emulsifiers: relatively safe, but their function is only to improve the taste, not to be added to dairy products; Sweeteners and flavors: not recommended in children’s food; Phosphate additives: Such as sodium tripolyphosphate, Make the taste better, However, it will hinder the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other elements. There is no what benefit for children. Apart from infant food, Our country’s law does not stipulate that all kinds of legally used additives cannot be added to seasoned milk. Food additives are not poisons, Manufacturers can add these substances to children’s milk according to regulations, but they should clearly mark them on the packaging. If you want to know if there are any additives in the product, just look at the ingredient list on the packaging. 5. Do children need to drink Shuhua milk? The so-called Shuhua milk, It is a product that uses lactase to hydrolyze lactose in milk into glucose and galactose. The advertisement said [refining macromolecular nutrition], In fact, it is not appropriate. Lactose is not a macromolecule, but a typical small molecule. Macromolecules are protein and fat in milk, which are intact in Shuhua milk. If children are lactose intolerant, they will swell their stomachs when drinking milk at ordinary times, and it is more appropriate to choose Shuhua milk. But for those children who drink milk without adverse reactions, There was no difference in nutrient absorption, There is no need to pay a high price for it. To sum up, children’s milk is not a bad thing in what, but it is not necessarily as versatile as advertised. Children over 2 years old have no problem drinking ordinary pasteurized milk and yogurt. Children’s milk is only one of the choices to buy milk products. Whether to buy such products or not depends on parents’ decision.