I always feel that it is easy for foreigners to take care of their children because you spend too much time on unnecessary things…

In the past, I have always seen online posts saying that foreigners can easily take care of their children. It has been more than a year since the whole family moved to Houston. From my personal experience, this is true, and I have also considered whether it was caused by what.

We won’t talk much about the environment and public facilities. I think one of the main reasons for the theme party is that they are willing to [waste] more than the Chinese and [lazy] more than us…

It is time that is too thrifty.

The older generation:

In order to save a few kilowatt-hours of electricity, clothes must be washed by themselves.

In order to save a few dollars, I would rather walk for half an hour.

In order to save a few cents on vegetables, it takes several minutes to bargain with vendors.

Overnight dishes are not willing to pour, eat one meal after another;

I can’t bear to go out for a trip all my life.

Not willing to use diapers;

Everyone should refuse the finished supplementary food by himself.

… …

In order to save some money,

Wasting precious time, wasting energy, giving up the opportunity to broaden one’s horizon…

And ourselves:

Influenced by the long-term consumption concept, they often fall into similar situations (local tyrants please ignore)

In order to rob the group purchase, he kept brushing his mobile phone.

Repeated price comparison on Taobao, in order to postage, gather together some not;

In order to obtain free resources, spend a lot of time searching online.

I am very tired and not willing to find a part-time worker.

Buying full-price clothes is like a big loss.

The toys and picture books that I take a fancy to have to be engaged in activities.

… …

On the surface, it seems that it has saved real money and made money.

In fact, it may be a [loss], but it may not be worth it.

Bad heart saves 5 dollars at a time, bad heart saves 500 dollars at 100 times.

How many worries can 500 yuan buy?

Don’t forget the old saying, “Time is money.”

Wouldn’t it be better to spend your limited time on more worthwhile and valuable things?

Don’t pick up sesame and lose watermelon.

The regrets of my schooldays are now clear.

There is one thing I have always regretted:

In the past, the school had the opportunity to apply for exchange in Hong Kong, but I heard that 20 copies of vegetables and rice were sold there. Considering that the family had no money, I gave up without even asking about it.

My roommates are preparing TOEFL and GRE tests for going abroad. I am also envious, but I gave up when I heard that the registration fee would be thousands of dollars. I didn’t try.

I used to think it was only because I was poor, but later I gradually realized that

Poverty is not the cause, but the root of it lies in the concept of consumption.

If you want to fight for it, you should not even give up without trying. How can opportunities favor those who give up easily?

Investment in education is called investment, not simple consumption.

Unfortunately, it took many years to understand this bend.

In recent years, more and more people have realized that

Time and mood are valuable

Spend money to buy time, spend money to buy comfort, spend money to learn

Willing to invest in one’s body and mind

This is by no means a waste!

These invisible and intangible things often have far-reaching effects.

My experience abroad has changed my view of consumption.

This year’s experience has also had a great impact on my consumption view.

In foreign countries, washing dishes and clothes is handed over to machines.

At home, I would feel that using machines is lazy and wasteful.

In fact, after having children, if you spend too much time on housework and how to save money,

What is saved is a few visible kilowatt-hours of electricity and hundreds of hourly labor money.

What overdraws is invisible physical strength, but mood.

It is very important to have a convenient washing and drying machine for spitting milk and excrement at any time, so you don’t have to worry about not changing clothes enough or always thinking about when the sun will shine.

A person needs to take care of children, carry towels and carts that are easy to retract, otherwise he will be upset every time he goes out, which will make him feel bad for no reason. Don’t worry about the high price, the short time it takes, and the big deal will be to resell it as a second-hand.

If you want to buy toys and picture books that your baby likes, you don’t have to wait for special offers such as promotions. It is also valuable to use them one day earlier.

A person can only make do with every meal with his children, so he may as well find a part-time worker. At least there is a helper who can change hands, catch his breath, eat a better meal, and have good nutrition and milk.

When the air conditioner is turned on and the heating is turned on carelessly, if only one room is turned on in summer, it is easy to catch cold when entering and leaving. In winter, when the room is warm, there is no need to take off your clothes repeatedly. Otherwise, if you run to the hospital, all the electricity saved will have to be returned.

Babies are easily agitated after being at home for a long time. Having a car will greatly expand the choice of play places. There is no need to stay at home all day long, or only go to convenient places, and there is no need to take the bus and squeeze the subway tirelessly.

When you are very tired, go out and have a massage to relax your body and mind. You don’t have to loathe to give up. Your body is the greatest capital.

Like clothes, don’t have to wait for discounts, women will be more confident if they are beautiful.

For the sake of price injustice, buying something you don’t like may be worse than not buying it.

Because there is still a chance and capital to choose again if you don’t buy it.

Don’t make do with…

There are many, many things…

Of course, these are all piled up with money.

The little money saved is no more than the time wasted.

In the past, I would feel that I didn’t have so much money. What if I couldn’t save money if I spent so much?

In fact, many of the above are small details of life. Yu’e Bao has added a few dollars, tens of dollars or even thousands of dollars. Life will not be different from what and will not be rich or poor.

However, the impact on living conditions and motivation is real.

Believe that when people are in a better state, they can give full play to their greater value.

More motivated to work hard for open source instead of cutting expenditure.

Realize the value of time

Believe that you deserve a better life…