Six Unique Ways to Keep Babies Away from [Air Conditioning Disease]

In hot summer, air conditioning seems to be a necessity for life. Especially in some places, without air conditioning is like purgatory on earth.

When you and your baby are blowing the air conditioner together, the TV suddenly flashes three words [air conditioner disease].

Suddenly you hesitated, the baby is so small, will the air conditioner make the baby catch cold? Will it weaken his immunity? Will it cause asthma…

However, if the temperature is over 30 degrees or even 40 degrees, will the baby get hot without air conditioning?

Will the baby be [hot]?

Infants, especially newborns, cannot adjust their body temperature like adults, which makes them more sensitive to high temperature and more prone to some diseases related to high temperature, such as prickly heat, dehydration, heatstroke, heat failure, heat covering syndrome, etc.

Parents in China, especially the older generation, are always worried about their children getting cold and cold, but they seldom worry about their children getting hot and cold. Nowadays, there are very few cases of children getting cold and cold, but there are many cases of babies getting cold and cold or even dying of heat.

There is a kind of infant disease with Chinese characteristics called [Wu Re Syndrome], because parents are worried that their children will be cold, so they cover their babies tightly, and the babies cannot break free from [fatal shackles] and eventually die of high temperature and lack of oxygen.

Can you get [air conditioning disease] by blowing air conditioner?

First of all, we have to scientifically explain that what is [air conditioning disease].

[Air conditioning disease] is not a disease in the true sense. Reading here, you will refute this statement with real personal experience.

    Diarrhea, runny nose and nasal obstruction-this is the body’s response to rapid temperature difference changes and will soon disappear. Dry skin, nasal cavity and throat-this is because air conditioning makes the air dry and can be avoided by increasing air humidity. Allergy, asthma-this is mostly because the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time.

Therefore, [air conditioning disease] is not terrible, the fear is that you do not know how to use air conditioning.

Do you think about it? In hospitals that treat patients and save lives, paediatric wards are air-conditioned. Doctors worry all day that the soon-to-be-cured children will not be able to get out of the hospital, and new and more serious children will not be able to live in. It is impossible to blow the children with air conditioner inexplicably and make the children [sick], is it?

How to make good use of air conditioning?

1. Appropriate temperature

External heat and humidity can affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner. Sometimes, the room temperature may rise or fall rapidly in a short period of time. When this happens, the baby will feel very uncomfortable.

Therefore, the room temperature should be set within a suitable range, neither too cold nor too hot.

Pediatricians suggest that the temperature of the room should be between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius.

Step 2 Moisturize

Moisturize the baby’s skin, otherwise the use of air conditioning will dry the baby’s skin.

The humidifier is used to make the indoor humidity between 60% and 70%.

Some studies have shown that when the air humidity reaches about this range, the transmission capacity of cold virus can be rapidly reduced.

3. Don’t let the cold air come into direct contact with the baby.

Put on clothes for the baby and cover their small arms and legs, which can protect them from the cold air.

Wear light little hats for the baby and cotton socks to wrap their little feet.

If you want to use a blanket, make sure the blanket is tucked under the baby’s armpit to avoid covering the baby’s face without paying attention.

Under normal circumstances, babies need to wear one more piece than adults, but don’t wear too many clothes for babies, and don’t wrap them too tightly with blankets. Just think about the rhythm of spring and autumn and add a layer of air-conditioning quilt.

4. Don’t take your baby to a hot place right away

Sudden temperature can easily make the baby’s body react violently, such as diarrhea.

Therefore, before going out, turn off the indoor air conditioner to give the baby some time to adapt to the outdoor temperature.

5. Regularly check and maintain the air conditioner

The maintenance and care of the machine shall be confirmed in time with the after-sales service of the equipment and the specific details and time of care shall be understood.

6. Exhaust the hot air from the car before getting on the bus.

Stationary cars can become very hot, especially in summer. In order to reduce the temperature in the car, the car door should be opened before getting on the bus, and the air conditioner on the car should be turned on after the hot air in the car has exchanged with the outside air.

Of course, it is not necessary to use air conditioning at all times.

If the temperature is not too high, you can also use an electric fan, which is more convenient to use and can also keep the baby in a cool and comfortable environment.

In addition, as the hot air flow goes up, the indoor ground temperature may be cooler, so you can put some thin cushions on the ground to let the baby rest.

Having said so much, we just want to tell you: children are the same as adults. If you are too hot to blow the air conditioner, why not blow the air conditioner for children?

Responsible Editor: Hugh