Sleeping is a tough battle. What should mothers do?

I am a very serious new mother. I bought a lot of parenting books when I was pregnant. I have paid attention to many talents, On the one hand, they learn all kinds of knowledge about neonatal care, common diseases of children, scientific sleep and breast feeding. While brainwashing oneself continuously-[Love is company, Love is tolerance, love is unconditional acceptance of all children]. I pretend to be half a [bricklayer], confident to prepare for the arrival of the little guy, afraid of their eighteen martial arts nowhere to use. Then the reality gave me a hard hammer, rice cake classmate [no, love, sleep, sleep]. There is no practical sleep theory is to play hooligans don’t like to sleep? Guiding scientific sleep, haven’t you learned a lot about sleep theory? What Sleep Bible what Program Parenting Can’t You Read Soon? The physically and mentally exhausted bricklayer just wants to say: sleep theories that do not combine with actual operation are all hooligans! Sleep promotes sleep? Do you want to take regular naps during the day? It is important to go to bed early at night? But people don’t sleep at all how to break? Only then did I know that maternal love is not used for spiritual practice, maternal love is used to coax sleep… How many times, holding the heavier and heavier fat kid, walking around the house round and round, watching him yawn and fight with his eyelids, hurriedly singing while filming and working harder, oh also, closed closed, the little ancestor slept! Just at that moment, Wang Xingren from the downstairs of the community met and said hello, Wang Wang! Wang your sister, Xiong Haizi is awake! Whoever makes my children sleep is the enemy of my family, whether there is wood or wood? I wish I could get a sound-proof glass cover to isolate myself from my baby. Is there any wood? If it happens that Dad makes a little noise, then all the censure will have a place to vent, whether it is wood or not? The bitter history of coaxing children to sleep. How many bears are there in Xiong Haizi? Always let you know that the gap between ideal and reality is separated by the sea of stars. How many times, looking at the theory of “a baby of a certain age can stay awake for * hours at a time” guided by the book, seeing that * hours have arrived, Eva yawned, acted quickly, quieted down, cultivated drowsiness, put the bed and beat and coaxed, and succeeded! Wow, I can finally brush my circle of friends, stroll around Taobao and wash clothes, and maybe I can make a cup of tea and hold up the dust to be a quiet beautiful mother. As a result, the circle of friends hasn’t been finished yet, [wow-] wake up in half an hour? Wake up for another half hour… rushed into the room, picked up the child and stepped up without saying anything, clapped his buttocks, shook his arms and hummed his little tune. Anyway, how did he get to sleep now and how did he pick it up? What about the shopping cart? Where is the agreed beautiful mother? How many times have I entered the [bedtime program] from 7 pm, put the bed-suck-shh-cry-pick up-walk-sit down-continue to shoot-try to put down-cry-sleep-wake up for half an hour-eat again… after a 3-hour cycle of death, the little guy’s eyes are brighter than the stars in the sky. Is this a what ghost? What, love is acceptance, love is tolerance, all stand aside, okay? We must constantly remind ourselves that this is our own child born in October to resist the roaring of 10,000 grass and mud horses in our hearts. Hiding the ferocious face that he wanted to throw out of the window, Smiling gently and humming [baby, sleep quickly]. How many times have I dreamed back at midnight and finally put on the S dress that I haven’t seen for a long time. I have watched the midnight movie that I haven’t seen for a long time. I have eaten the sashimi platter that I haven’t eaten for a long time. My lips are still dripping with saliva. I woke up. I was so sleepy that I couldn’t open my eyes and wanted to change diapers for him with my eyes closed. Is the midnight theater wonderful? If Eva takes another bubble of excrement, Wake himself up completely, Oh, well, congratulations, It is about to enter the two-hour VIP package time. When friends get together, Mothers talked about the hard work of accompanying the night, but fathers could hardly get in touch with each other. The wooden face clearly read the words “casting pearls before swine”. There are also more than half of the fathers around, who moved to the study to sleep after the baby was born. Cake mother wants to say that waking up at night is not only about nursing, okay? Why can’t Dad join the care team? How hard is it to get to sleep? Every new mother has a history of blood and tears about coaxing sleep. No, it is more than N segments, many, many segments. The cake mother has never left behind any of the chicken mess you are experiencing now. Is it bitter? Bitter. Will it pass? It will pass. Advice to mothers. What should I do if I haven’t passed yet? Speaking of sleep guidance, This is a big topic. Gao Ma has written many articles on scientific work and rest and gentle guidance of sleep before. Here I just want to say a few suggestions to my anxious new mother: 1. Drop your anxious child’s sleep is important, But do not sleep for the sake of sleep. When it is really impossible to sleep, Don’t embarrass yourself, don’t embarrass the children, Accompanied by quiet listening to music, Or push the cart out for a walk, Maybe you’ll fall asleep later. 2. It’s important not to sleep in a rigid way. But there is no need to regard embrace sleep and milk sleep as scourges, Especially babies of small months. The end result of sleep guidance is that both mothers and children sleep better. Choose the way you both feel comfortable. If you can’t let it go, Find a comfortable little sofa, Let the baby have a good sleep in the mother’s arms, You can also play with your cell phone and read books. 3. Please ask your family to take care of you. If there are other caregivers in the family, Try to get someone else to take care of the baby’s daytime nap. It’s already very, very hard to take care of the baby at night. Don’t think about being a superwoman, Take time to rest, Recovery, We are going to fight a protracted war. 4. Don’t rely too much on some kind of sleep-coaxing method. If your baby is [only milk sleep + lying and feeding + mother and baby in the same bed], You have stepped into the magic circle of waking up frequently at night with one foot. And over-reliance on hugging sleep, One day your waist and shoulders will be overwhelmed. 5. Know your baby and try to learn some sleep knowledge. Understand the baby’s sleep characteristics. When you know [TA is like this], It will be much more handy to deal with, It will also effectively cure your anxiety. Spring will always come as scheduled. Niangao is almost one year old. Now every day with him to sleep is a peaceful and joyful parent-child time. Carry into the room, Change your sleeping bag, Turn off the headlights, Hold for a while, then nurse and hiccup. Often enjoy the tenderness of this moment. Want to hold him a little longer, The little fellow wriggled impatiently, Struggling to sleep on his own. Turn over in bed, Touch mother’s hand, He fell asleep. The child grew up much faster than we thought. Suddenly one day, he began to enjoy his own space. The little devil who could not let go once did not fall asleep in his mother’s arms. One day, even when he did not sleep, he would no longer be so attached to his mother’s arms. Think about it, it is also quite sad!