Why do so many people believe that folk prescription can cure cancer?

My friend’s father was diagnosed with [gastric cancer] and was already in advanced stage. He was receiving chemotherapy in the hospital. My friend was very sad to see his father who was sick, vomiting and getting thinner due to chemotherapy. What made him more sad was that the hospital clearly told him that the disease could not be cured. He also looked longingly at my friend who studied medicine, but still could not get the desired answer.

Recently, my friend called me and swept away my depressed mood and was extremely excited:

I have good news for you! My father didn’t have to go to chemotherapy any more. I got an ancestral secret recipe to cure cancer. It is very simple, it is to soak toad in sorghum liquor to drink…

I was shocked for a moment. My thoughts went back to one night many years ago.