Starting from the female patient’s urinary tract infection burning the vagina with potassium permanganate: How should this disease be prevented? How should this medicine be used?

Please read the following news before entering the text:

Ms. Liu, who lives in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, suffered from urinary tract infection a year ago. At that time, the doctor asked her to use potassium permanganate solution for hip bath. The therapeutic effect was good. Recently, Ms. Liu once again suffered from similar symptoms of urinary tract infection such as frequent urination and lower abdominal soreness. Therefore, she bought two pieces of potassium permanganate and stuffed them into the vagina, causing severe burns and massive bleeding in the vagina.

Then the question arises: What is wrong with Ms Liu?

A. Self-diagnosis autonomy

B. In the wrong way

C. The wrong hole was inserted (why is urinary tract infection inserted into vagina…)

Let’s talk about Ms Liu’s mistakes in detail.

What should urinary tract infection do?

The first mistake of this Ms. Liu was to take drugs by herself.

Women are more likely to develop urinary tract infection than men, either because the female urethra is shorter, or because the urethra neighbors (vagina and anus) are resident with a large number of bacteria, which makes it easy to visit and enter the urethra and go up to the bladder. Men also don’t steal pleasure, although the incidence rate of men is low, but once it occurs, it may indicate that the problem is more serious.

Urinary tract infection that kind of urgent urination, frequent urination, urination pain feeling, really very uncomfortable. How to treat it?

The answer is simple-see a doctor!

Urinary tract infection not only needs to go to the hospital for diagnosis, sometimes it is not only possible to use some external drugs, but also to take antibiotics. People don’t panic as soon as they hear antibiotics, as long as they use drugs rationally under the guidance of doctors, it is safe and effective.

If you don’t want to see a doctor…

Feeling embarrassed to see a doctor? The best way is to actively prevent and avoid illness.

Unclean sexual behavior is the main factor causing urinary tract infection, so remember to clean private parts with clear water before and after the event (clear water is OK! Don’t use lotion indiscriminately! ), if you can urinate and flush the urethra afterwards, it is best.

Attention should also be paid to keeping your lower body dry and comfortable, especially in summer. In addition, you should remember to drink more water and urinate more. Of course, it is also important to keep exercising and improve your immunity.

Potassium permanganate has the function of sterilization and astringency

Potassium permanganate has antibacterial and astringent effects, so it is a common over-the-counter drug in dermatology. It is mainly used for acute dermatitis or acute eczema, and can also clean small-area ulcers. Clinically, potassium permanganate solution is often used for vaginal flushing and hip bath to treat vaginitis, urethritis, balanitis and hemorrhoids.

It seems that this medicine is really a good home product for men, women and children.

Wait a minute! Potassium permanganate is good, but not too much!

Another mistake of Ms. Liu was to take too much medicine.

Potassium permanganate can only be used externally at low concentration, and should not be used orally at high concentration.

Potassium permanganate, as its name implies, will be [fierce] if it is [high]. High concentration of stimulation and corrosion can cause skin and mucosa burns or erosion and hemorrhage.

In real life, in addition to Ms. Liu’s tragedy, burns to oral cavity, esophagus and gastric mucosa caused by oral administration of potassium permanganate by mistake also occur occasionally.

In addition, the dilution concentration of potassium permanganate varies with different uses. And considering individual differences, please be sure to consult a doctor or pharmacist for specific concentrations!

Precautions for Using Potassium Permanganate

(1) The concentration should not be too high or too low

Too high burns the body, too low curative effect is not good. In short, it must be prepared according to the concentration said by the doctor. This is not Chong Guo Zhen powder, and one cannot estimate it by oneself. When preparing at home, there is really no measuring cylinder to fetch water, and mineral water bottles can be used instead.

(2) Do not directly contact the medicine with your hands during preparation.

How many times has the chemistry teacher said, don’t grab the medicine directly with your hands!

The skin may be corroded or dyed if it comes into direct contact with potassium permanganate. If it accidentally enters the eyes or burns the skin, rinse with a large amount of clear water immediately, and the rinsing effect is better if vitamin C solution is available.

(3) Potassium permanganate aqueous solution should be used in warm water

Potassium permanganate solution is easy to deteriorate after being stored for a long time. However, due to the slow oxygen release rate, if it is a medicine bath, the time should be controlled at more than 5 minutes, otherwise the curative effect is not good.

Self-medication cannot be taken for granted.

There are many people like Ms. Liu who take self-medication in life, but the following points should be emphasized here:

(1) The medicine that was useful last time is not necessarily available this time.

Many people will rely on their previous experience to do things. The first headache takes what medicine, the second time will follow the cat painting tiger’s first medicine, and even recommend XX medicine to the people around them to treat headache, which is problematic. The treatment plan for some diseases needs to be adjusted at any time according to the condition of the patient and the condition of the patient.

(2) Take it for granted that innovation is even worse.

It’s a pity that this Ms. Liu did not even use her last experience. Instead, she stuffed the drug into her vagina in a self-innovative way.

(3) Take the initiative to consult a doctor or pharmacist,

If you don’t understand or blame you, it is your fault not to ask. Don’t ask because you feel embarrassed. In fact, when you buy medicine, they can guess nine times out of ten about your illness.

(4) The drug instructions should be carefully read

Many people are not used to reading the drug instructions. In fact, the instructions will clearly explain the usage, dosage and precautions.

Therefore, in life [Ms. Liu], your illness is not only the problem of urinary tract, but also the lack of medical knowledge and unwillingness to consult a doctor. Professional things are handed over to professional people to do, in addition to consulting doctors more, paying attention to doctor clove is also a good choice.