Stiff neck, how to do?

Does stiff neck show what?

Before going to bed, the neck was fine, but after getting up in the morning, I felt obvious pain and discomfort in my neck, shoulder and back.

Neck movement is limited. After turning to a certain position, it is painful to continue turning. In serious cases, it is also difficult to bow or lean back.

If the head is tilted to the painful side and the head is rotated, severe pain will occur, and the pain can radiate to the head, neck or shoulder.

Stiff neck, how to do?

1. Restrictions on activities

Do not bend, stretch or rotate reluctantly, as long as it does not cause or aggravate neck pain.

2. Local hot compress

Hot compress on painful parts with hot towels, hot water bags, etc. can improve local blood circulation, relax tense muscles and relieve pain.

Step 3 Take painkillers

If the pain is severe, you can take Fenbid, Futalin and other drugs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) according to the instructions.

Step 4 Massage cautiously

Proper massage can play a role in relaxing muscles. However, it is absolutely not advisable to press indiscriminately or even directly break off or rotate the head and neck. Especially for older stiff neck patients, massage therapy is not recommended.

How to prevent stiff neck?

Step 1 Choose the right pillow

Choose a pillow with moderate hardness and height. If it is too hard, it will press the head and neck too much, while if it is too soft, it will not play a supporting role.

2. Good Sleeping Position and Sleep Environment

When sleeping, don’t hang your neck. Cover your neck with a quilt, and don’t be greedy for cold in summer. Let the air conditioner or fan blow at your neck.

Step 3: Exercise your muscles

Neck and back muscles are the key to maintain the stability of cervical spine. At ordinary times, you should exercise properly, watch TV or play mahjong, and move your neck to prevent chronic strain of neck and shoulder muscles caused by sedentary sitting.