Take your children out, these commonly used drugs should be prepared.

No matter whether it is a long vacation or a short vacation, once it involves taking the children out, it will immediately become a big project. If you want to prepare large bags and small bags of things, you will not say so. In case the children suffer from headache, fever, diarrhea and what, it will be a ordeal.

Therefore, if you buy some commonly used drugs in advance, you can be prepared.

To deal with fever, remember Erlin

[Erlin] is a very familiar Merrill Lynch and Tylenol. Their main ingredients are [ibuprofen] and [acetaminophen], which are safe and effective antipyretic drugs and can relieve discomfort caused by fever.

Although these two drugs are over-the-counter drugs and are easy to obtain, we should remind everyone to pay attention to the following points:

  1. For babies under 2 years old, please consult a doctor first.

  2. Acetaminophen can be used for children over 3 months old. Be careful to use it according to the drug instructions and not in excess.

  3. Only one antipyretic drug is used at a time and cannot be mixed alternately.

To deal with nasal obstruction and runny nose, use normal saline.

The symptoms of cold accompanied by nasal congestion are very common, and the baby’s nose blockage will be especially uncomfortable, especially at night, nasal congestion will often wake up the baby.

The milder way to relieve nasal congestion is to drop normal saline into the baby’s nostrils to help the baby keep the nostrils moist, clean the nasal cavity and help them ventilate.

The physiological saline here refers to the sterilized physiological sodium chloride used in hospital infusion. If you think it is troublesome to open physiological saline in the hospital, you can go to the pharmacy to buy physiological seawater nasal spray. The price of this medicine is slightly higher, but it is convenient to use.

If the baby has serious runny nose, loratadine syrup or cetirizine drops can be properly used for babies over 6 months old, and remember to do so under the guidance of a doctor.

To deal with diarrhea, I have three good partners.

Good Partner One: Rehydration Salt

After the baby has diarrhea, the loss of water and salt is serious, so it is very important to supplement it in time.

The important weapon of rehydration is oral rehydration salt, especially the new oral rehydration salt III, which not only supplements water and electrolyte, prevents or corrects dehydration, but also reduces stool frequency and vomiting.

If the child has diarrhea and vomiting, cannot drink the rehydration salt, or still suffers from dehydration symptoms such as reduced urine volume, decreased skin elasticity and poor mental health after drinking the rehydration salt, he should go to the hospital in time.

Good Partner 2: Antidiarrheal

For antidiarrheal, the recommended drug is montmorillonite, which can protect and repair intestinal mucosa, relieve diarrhea symptoms and shorten the course of disease.

Good Partner 3: Zinc Preparation

For acute diarrhea in young children, zinc supplement is also recommended. Zinc supplement can shorten the course of diarrhea, reduce the severity of diarrhea and reduce the risk of dehydration.

Different zinc preparations such asZinc sulfateZinc acetateorZinc gluconateThe curative effect is the same, so it is not necessary to struggle with what zinc agent to supplement it, but only to pay attention to whether the element zinc content in it meets the standard.

To deal with constipation, occasionally use Kaisailu.

KaisailuIt is a very familiar [laxative]. If the child’s stool is very dry and difficult to discharge, it can be used occasionally.

The effective ingredient of Kaisailu is glycerin, which belongs to stimulating laxative. After being injected through anus, the drug lubricates the intestinal tract and stimulates the intestinal tract, stimulating intestinal peristalsis and defecation.

Kaiselu can only be used occasionally. Long-term use will probably lead to dependence on drugs and form the habit of refusing to defecate without strong stimulation.

Five magic weapons to deal with minor injuries

The five magic weapons are:

Iodophor, Cotton Swab, Band-Aid, Gauze, Moropicin Ointment (or Erythromycin Ointment).

Iodophor has little irritation and is very suitable for disinfection of baby’s skin damaged wounds in combination with cotton swabs (cotton swabs). Small bumps, skin bruises, contusions, etc. can be used.

For wounds with slight pus or bacterial infection, a little moropicin ointment (or erythromycin ointment) can be applied.

If the wound is deep, bleeding is not stopped, the dirt on the wound is difficult to remove, the wound does not heal or redness, swelling and heat pain are worsening, the child should be taken to the hospital in time.

Small Partners of Drugs

Step 1: Measuring Cup

Many children use liquid medicines, so they must choose the appropriate dosage from the dosage cup.

2. Thermometer

When children have a fever, it is convenient for parents to monitor their body temperature.

Step 3: Medicine cabinet

Generally speaking, drugs should be stored at normal temperature and under dry conditions. Some drugs need to be protected from light, so use a plastic fresh-keeping box with a lid to pack the drugs and put them into a cabinet or drawer.


1. Drugs that are close to expiration cannot be taken.

If the drug says [valid until November 2015] or [expiry date is December 2015], the meaning is the same, that is to say, you can eat it in November, don’t eat it in December, it has expired.

Can I still eat on November 30? In theory, it can, but in fact it is not recommended to eat any more.

2. Drugs with changed appearance cannot be taken.

If you open it and find something wrong with the appearance of the drug, such as swelling, discoloration or mildew, don’t take it even if it is far from expiration time. The drug is likely to have deteriorated, failure is a trivial matter, and toxic reactions are troublesome.

3. Compound cold medicine cannot be taken casually.

For example, children paracetamol Huang Namin, it not only contains acetaminophen, which is an antipyretic and analgesic ingredient, but also contains chlorphenamine, etc. Another example is paracetamol methyl hemp, paracetamol alkylamine, ammonia gold Huang Min, pseudo-hemp, phenol hemp and methamphetamine, etc. There are more than one effective ingredient in it, so it is compound cold medicine.

Before taking this kind of compound cold medicine, parents must remember:

    Under 2 years old forbidden under 4 years old not recommended for use under 4 years old children between 4 and 6 years old can use it under the guidance of a doctor, only children over 6 years old can use it according to needs.