Monkey Year Says Monkey: Learn Weight Loss from Famous Monkeys

Elder Martial Brother, you are as thin as a monkey. ]

When we say that a person is thin, we often say [thin is like a monkey]. Please let the monkey rest for a while in the Year of the Monkey, even if it is like a bamboo pole…

The Year of the Monkey said monkey, so how did the monkey lose weight?

Elder Martial Brother, I think you like peaches? [Yes.] [Elder Martial Brother, look at this flat peach. If you eat it, you can become immortal, immortal, and live as long as heaven.] [–That’s impossible.] [Elder Martial Brother, I don’t want to become immortal, but I want to lose weight by eating peaches every day.] [–That’s also impossible.] [Elder Martial Brother, why do you only eat peaches? [Who said that, can’t you see that the villagers in Huaguo Mountain rob tourists of bread and ham and stuffed them into their mouths every day? ]

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Can fruit be used as food to lose weight?

Fruits like peaches look big and heavy. They don’t take any effort to eat and don’t have enough to eat. However, peaches can contain more than 7% sugar.

After careful calculation, alas, the energy is over.

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Elder Martial Brother, how can I eat to lose weight? ] [Put down the pork belly on your right hand first.] [Okay.] [Put down the hamburger on your left hand-eh? Hamburger? It doesn’t seem to belong to our time, does it? In short, you should put it down first.] [… OK.] [Monks are vegetarian honestly, or I will let Master read the magic spell for you.] [Elder Martial Brother, you are starving me to death! I don’t have the strength to lose weight! Why don’t we compare our strength? ]

Can you lose weight by eating vegetarian food?

The level of energy and whether you can lose weight have nothing to do with meat and vegetables. Vegetarianism does not necessarily lead to emaciation or even malnutrition. Vegetarianism also requires balanced nutrition and reasonable collocation in order to achieve the goal of healthy weight loss.

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[Elder Martial Brother, I really can’t control eating. Do you exercise at ordinary times? ] [Sports ah, you see me and Princess Iron Fan, Bai Gujing, they are very hot.] [Elder Martial Brother, this cannot be counted…] [Why not? I play this 13,500 kg Ruyi gold-banded cudgel every day, which can be long, short, thick and thin. You said I don’t exercise.] [Elder Martial Brother, can I play with your gold-banded cudgel? [No, I don’t think you can lift it. Choose what you can afford and what you like! [Elder Martial Brother, I’m not sick of walking, is that OK? ] [Yes, go more.]

Exercise is the best way to lose weight

Proper strength training can build muscles, and if you have more muscles, you will consume more energy even if you don’t exercise. And you won’t be as thin as a monkey… ah no, bamboo pole.

Walking, an aerobic exercise, can also consume energy, even if it is slower. But if you walk too much, your muscles will also decrease, don’t you believe it? I’ve heard of it, I haven’t seen it, 25,000 miles.

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[But Elder Martial Brother, don’t say that I have already walked 25,000 or 18,000 miles…] [That is genetically inherited, don’t forget that you are what, Pig.]