Talk about pubic hair

When it comes to pubic hair, we are all a little shy. It covers our sensitive parts, but it is rarely specifically mentioned. In fact, pubic hair is also a part of body hair and has peculiar functions, which deserve attention and understanding.

Did pubic hair appear in what?

Boys enter puberty, Adam’s apple is prominent, and their voices become low. Girls’ breasts begin to develop and their voices are tapered. At this time, boys and girls begin to have pubic hair. Generally speaking, boys’ pubic hair appears later than girls’.

In a few years, these hairs will develop from thin fuzz to light-colored, thin, soft and straight hair, and finally become dark, thick, naturally curly pubic hair. The appearance of pubic hair is one of the signs of male and female sexual organ maturity.

Is there any difference between the lower hair and the upper hair?

Dr. Suto of Japan’s Hair Medical Science Research Institute said: “Both hair and pubic hair are the same hair. They are exactly the same in structure, except that the curly shape, growth and life span of hair vary with different body parts.”

How many pubic hairs do people have?

In general, every adult has about 3,000 pubic hairs. Pubic hair, like hair, also falls off and is replaced every six months on average.

Can pubic hair be white when people are old?

As you get older, pubic hair will gradually become scarce and gradually change from black to white. This is mainly regulated by hormone levels. The pubic hair of the elderly will gradually fall off or even disappear.

Is pubic hair useful?

Pubic hair is not a superfluous decoration, nor does it [get in the way].

On the one hand, pubic hair can reduce the friction between sexual organs and clothes and reduce the risk of skin damage.

In addition, in sexual life, due to the delicate skin of women’s private parts, direct skin friction may cause some discomfort, while pubic hair can play a buffering role, reduce the impact and mutual friction during sexual intercourse, and avoid pain or injury caused by too severe actions.

On the other hand, pubic hair can also produce slight friction in sexual life and stimulate pleasure.

Does too thick pubic hair affect health?

Some people like to shave off pubic hair, believing that pubic hair is dirty and will hide dirty. In fact, pubic hair has a protective effect on vulva and can prevent dirt from invading directly to a certain extent.

Therefore, whether pubic hair is thick or not is not the key point, the key point is to keep the following clean.

Whether to shave or not is a cultural issue, don’t have to be related to health. If you like to wear bikini in summer and are afraid of embarrassment, of course you can choose medical beauty methods such as laser hair removal.

You can depilate yourself at home, but you have to be careful. After all, the skin there is tender and improper operation may cause folliculitis.

Is there a problem with too sparse pubic hair?

The presence and density of pubic hair mainly depend on two factors:

    The level of androgen in the body the sensitivity of pudendal hair follicles to androgen

Healthy adults have sparse pubic hair, which is mostly a simple physiological phenomenon. It is very likely that this person’s armpit hair and other body hair are also relatively sparse, and may also have a family history.

In short, it has no effect on physical health and has nothing to do with sexual ability and fertility. There is no need to worry or feel inferior. For the time being, there is no reliable way to increase pubic hair.

Of course, in very few cases, some diseases can also cause pubic hair scarcity, such as hypothyroidism, inflammation, tumors, trauma and some congenital diseases.