Manifestations of tenosynovitis

Tenosynovitis is most common in fingers and wrists. There will be pain in fingers or wrists. The pain will worsen during activities and local activities will be restricted. Some activities that require frequent and rapid hand use, such as typing, using the mouse, knitting sweaters, etc., will easily form tenosynovitis over time.

Treatment of tenosynovitis

Step 1 Rest and Braking

If you are tired, you should rest. The local braking of your fingers and wrists is [compulsory vacation] to ensure the rest time and achieve the purpose of relieving your illness.

2. Medication

Tenosynovitis is a kind of aseptic inflammation, can cause local pain, if the pain is very severe, affecting daily life and rest, it is recommended to use pain-relieving drugs locally, or take pain-relieving drugs orally. In addition, tenosynovitis is not a traditional concept, inflammation caused by pathogen infection, antibiotics are ineffective for tenosynovitis.

3. Local block injection therapy

If rest and medicine cannot relieve the symptoms, local closed injection therapy is recommended.

The dosage and number of drugs for closed treatment have strict requirements and are relatively safe. It is routinely applied to the treatment of tenosynovitis of wrist. Consult an orthopaedic, rehabilitation or pain doctor before treatment.

4. Surgical treatment

If the above methods are ineffective or relapse, surgical treatment is recommended.

The operation is to cut the narrow tendon sheath and remove a part of the tendon sheath so that the tendon can smoothly drive the fingers and wrists to prevent recurrence. It is a radical method for severe tenosynovitis.

Prevention of tenosynovitis

Tenosynovitis is a chronic strain disease. Correcting long-term incorrect posture is the key to prevention.

1. Don’t use mobile phones and computers for a long time. Every 30 minutes, you need to stop to relax your fingers and wrists to relieve fatigue.

2. Hot water soaking hands and local massage can be used to relieve fatigue of fingers and wrists.