What symptoms are suspected to be hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is the abbreviation of hypothyroidism. It is a series of systemic symptoms caused by insufficient thyroid hormone secretion due to various reasons. It is essentially a manifestation of low metabolic level of the body.

Observable performance

1. Fear of cold, weight gain, memory loss, constipation, irregular menstruation, etc.

2. The skin is dry and cold, the skin of the face and hands is edematous, and the voice is hoarse. Some people also describe it as a low sound similar to frogs.

3. Depressed mood, lethargy, insufficient physical strength and energy, easy to drowsiness and fatigue.

4. The skin of hands and feet is ginger yellow.

This is because the lack of thyroid hormone will affect the conversion of carotene into vitamin A, which will accumulate under the skin and make the skin ginger yellow, but the sclera, that is, the white part of the eyes, will not turn yellow.

5. The hair is sparse, especially 1/3 of the eyebrows fall off.

Hair loss on the head and face is a consequence of hypothyroidism and mucous edema. Not only will eyebrows fall off, but also alopecia and sparse male beard will occur, and baldness will occur in severe cases.

This is because the accumulated mucin between tissues affects the normal function of hair follicles, and the lack of thyroid hormone (especially T3) in blood will slow down the growth and renewal of hair.

Because the eyebrows are located in a special position, which directly affects [image engineering], it is often the first to be noticed and the most obvious symptom.

Of course, some symptoms may also be caused by other reasons, so it is necessary to go to the hospital before determining whether these symptoms are caused by hypothyroidism.

Potential impacts

Hypothyroidism is a disease that can affect the metabolic status of the whole body, so it also affects many other organs. For example:

1. Cardiovascular system

The decline of cardiac pumping function, including the decrease of myocardial strength and heartbeat times, as well as coronary heart disease and hypertension caused by hyperlipidemia, will lead to spherical enlargement of the heart in serious cases.

Hematopoietic system dysfunction includes reduced hemoglobin synthesis and reduced absorption of nutrients needed for hematopoiesis.

2. Digestive system

Hypothyroidism can slow down the movement of gastrointestinal tract, causing anorexia, abdominal distension, constipation, etc. and even intestinal obstruction.

3. Reproductive system

Infertility, irregular menstruation, male impotence, hyposexuality, female frigidity, etc.

4. Other

When the muscle lacks thyroid hormone, the patient’s exercise ability obviously decreases, muscle weakness, pain or spasm, and some muscle atrophy may also occur.