The baby cried and did not hug or cry before hugging? These baby-taking [experiences] will harm the child.

When I was a parent for the first time, I would inevitably be a little in a hurry. The most hope is that someone who has come before can give me some advice.

This is not true. The article “17 Unique Skills for Americans to Take Care of Children”, which is widely circulated on the Internet, seems to be able to raise a good baby according to these unique skills.

However, is the fact really as simple and easy as described in the article?

Don’t hug if you cry, hug if you don’t cry?

After the baby is born, leaving his mother’s warm and safe uterus and facing the completely unfamiliar environment, what he needs most is that his parents give him enough care, hug and love. Help them to build up enough security, so no amount of hugs will be too much.

Especially the baby of small age, hungry can’t take food by himself, sleepy can’t lie in bed by himself, excrement and urine can’t handle by himself …, besides crying, he has a second choice to tell you that he is not feeling well?

Learning to live first is their primary concern. You don’t really think they are making fun of you, do you?

Don’t you need to eat milk at night?

The stomach volume of the newborn baby is only the size of cherry, and it is at most the size of egg five days after birth. In the first few weeks of birth, milk needs to be fed every two or three hours.

Expect the baby to sleep all night after drinking milk? It is simply impossible. Because the baby’s stomach capacity cannot last for one night, timely feeding can meet the energy needed for growth and development!

Of course, it is not ruled out that some babies can have the ability to sleep well soon after birth, but most babies can’t sleep for 5-6 hours continuously until at least 3 months later, and premature artificial lengthening of sleep time at night is not conducive to the growth and development of children.

Sleeping down and raising beautiful women?

Small-month-old babies will not turn up and turn over. Whether they sleep on their sides or on their stomach, they will increase the risk of suffocation. The safest sleeping posture for babies is to sleep on their backs.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that babies stay on their backs to sleep within one year old.

After the baby can turn over freely, if he changes to sleep on his side or on his stomach, he does not need to turn over the child specially.

Babies can only wear less than adults?

Although the baby’s metabolism is faster and he is more afraid of heat, we do not recommend wearing too thick for the baby.

However, according to the actual situation, it is still inappropriate to give the baby less clothes.

Newborns within one month have poor thermoregulation ability. If the ambient temperature is too low (lower than 24 ℃), it is necessary to wear more, on average one layer more than adults.

Healthy babies over a month old mainly rely on touching their backs to judge their clothes. If their backs are warm and there is no sweat, it is just right. Cold or wet sweats on their backs indicate that they are wearing too little or too much.

Refusing antibiotics?

Whether antibiotics should be used or not is not up to me, nor is it up to you.

Some diseases, such as the most common common cold, are caused by viruses. Of course, antibiotics are not required, while some diseases are caused by bacterial infection. When antibiotics are used, one should take medicine according to the doctor’s advice.

What we oppose is the abuse of antibiotics. Blindly rejecting antibiotics is as dangerous as abuse. Therefore, parents should not make decisions at will, please follow the doctor’s advice.

Breast milk is the best antibiotic?

Breast milk is really precious, especially colostrum, whose immune substances are also very important to babies.

However, breast milk is not omnipotent either. If the baby is sick and inflamed, he should see a doctor and take the medicine. If he does not understand the cause of the disease, he can directly apply breast milk to the baby, which may make the situation worse.

Eat grains early?

The sooner the baby adds supplementary foods, the better. It should follow the baby’s own signals, such as disappearance of tongue reflex, being able to sit alone, being more hungry with the same amount of milk, etc., but it should not be earlier than 4 months at the earliest.

Moreover, the addition of supplementary foods should also follow the order from less to more, from fine to coarse, from thin to thick, from one to many, and must not be achieved overnight. More should not give the baby to eat adult food too early, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate and other seasonings should not be contacted too early.

Can only be criticized twice a day?

When babies first accept and learn new things, they must not be able to do well or understand them. At this time, their understanding, movement and expression abilities are limited.

Patience is our first step as parents, but this is by no means criticism. I prefer to call it [communication]. You can use words, actions or any other baby’s way to [communicate]. Let them understand what you mean and form habits.

As far as education is concerned, there should be no emphasis on the quantity of what, but the dribs and drabs that permeate daily life imperceptibly.

For raising children, other people’s experience is certainly worth referring to, but they should have their own judgment.