The benefits of sleeping naked can be understood by those who have slept before.

The so-called naked sleep, of course, is to sleep naked, some people say that I wear underpants to sleep naked, of course, also calculate, just naked is not thorough enough.

People who like to sleep naked, people who regard the Naked Sleeping Party as pagans, and people who are eager to try naked sleeping, do you really understand naked sleeping? What are the benefits of sleeping naked to what? Is it suitable for everyone to sleep naked?

Do you have to sleep naked to sleep? This time, let’s talk about sleeping naked.

Naked Sleeping Can Improve Sleep Quality

The whole body is naked and unrestrained, and the sleep without any restriction is definitely comfortable. It is very natural to improve the sleep quality.

However, the real reason is not that simple. Skin is the most important radiator officer in our human body and an important part of body temperature regulation.

According to research by the American Sleep Medical Association, under the control of the human body’s own biological rhythm, our body temperature will naturally drop after falling asleep. However, if we sleep in pajamas, it will affect the skin’s perception of the ambient temperature, hinder the body’s heat dissipation, disrupt the process of natural cooling after falling asleep, and affect our sleep rhythm.

Naked Sleep Makes Skin Better

There are a large number of hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and other skin accessory organs distributed on the skin, which can secrete sebum and sweat.

If too much restraint and bad compression stimulation, lead to sebum secretion is not smooth, sweat evaporation is slow, bacteria are easy to breed and invade hair follicles, causing folliculitis, acne and other skin diseases. For example, too tight or poor material underpants are easy to cause folliculitis of vulva or buttocks.

Naked sleep is helpful for the normal secretion and excretion of the skin. It can also directly expose the skin to relatively low temperature, enhance local blood flow, promote local metabolism of the skin, and feel better after waking up.

Naked sleep is good [there]

A follow-up study from Stanford University found that the sperm quality of men who slept naked was significantly better than that of men who slept in underpants. Sleeping in underpants, especially tight underpants, increased testicular temperature, which was not conducive to sperm development.

For women, vulva is often warm and humid, which is easy to breed germs. It is good for health to take off the shackles of underwear and keep dry and oxygenated.

People who sleep naked are good at sex.

Single dog, please skip this paragraph automatically.

Direct skin-to-skin contact can increase the synthesis and secretion of oxytocin, also known as [love hormone], which can make you more sensitive to your partner’s touch and increase mutual trust and intimacy.

Of course, without the barrier of pajamas, it is more convenient to do unspeakable things, so it also helps you to enjoy more SEX.

Can you lose weight by sleeping naked?

Yes, you are not wrong, to some extent it is.

When the body temperature drops at night, The cortisol level in the body will decrease. However, if the natural cooling during sleep is affected due to the barrier of pajamas, If the body does not enjoy high-quality sleep, the cortisol hormone level in the body will rise, and the high level will even continue until we wake up the next day, which will make us tend to eat more and move less pig hoarding mode…

Of course, there are thousands of reasons for getting fat. You can’t all blame yourself for not sleeping naked.

Other Benefits of Naked Sleeping

Keeping naked sleeping for a long time can make you more diligent and active.

Those who are accustomed to pajamas can’t wait to put on pajamas as soon as they get home, enter the pre-sleep mode early, and never plan to leave the warm room again. However, people who like to sleep naked have been in good condition and will go out more until the moment when they strip naked and are ready to sleep.

Is it not clean to sleep naked?

Is it easier to get skin diseases if the skin is directly exposed to the outside? Do you need to change sheets, pillows and quilts more frequently?

Well, a little too much.

The skin has a strong enough barrier defense system to prevent skin diseases from being infected so easily. However, problems such as scabies or other mosquito bites must also be prevented, which also reminds you to pay attention to the hygiene of your sleep environment.

As to whether bedding should be changed more frequently, in fact, when sleeping naked, the body dissipates heat smoothly and the skin is kept dry and low temperature. The secretion of sebum and sweat is very small. It is not as dirty as you think. It is good to change regularly.

These people should stop sleeping naked.

Naked sleep is good for most people, but it is really not suitable for some special groups:

1. Atopic dermatitis

When sleeping naked, the skin is directly exposed to the environment, especially if the sleep environment is not clean enough, direct skin contact with allergens such as dust mites may aggravate dermatitis.

2. Elderly people with hypertension and coronary heart disease

When sleeping naked, the skin is directly exposed to the external environment. If the temperature of the external environment changes greatly, the ability of the elderly to regulate body temperature is weakened, which is easy to induce fluctuations in body temperature changes and cardiovascular problems.

Skin is the best pajamas given to us by nature. Wear it and enjoy the most wonderful thing in my life-sleep!