The child was bitten by a rabbit, what should I do?

What about rabbit bites?

Step 1 Clean the wound

Wash the wound alternately with soapy water and flowing clear water for 15 minutes, then wash the wound with clear water or normal saline, dry it with cotton balls, and then dip cotton swabs in iodophor or iodophor cotton swabs for disinfection.

If the wound is deep and tetanus infection is suspected, hydrogen peroxide is recommended for disinfection.

2. Send to hospital

After cleaning, the child should be taken to the hospital, and the doctor should do further wound treatment before deciding whether tetanus vaccine is needed according to the situation.

Common Mistakes about Rabbit Bite

Tetanus must be beaten when bitten by rabbits-not necessarily

Whether tetanus vaccine needs to be injected should be decided according to the child’s vaccination situation and wound situation. It is not possible to think that one must be vaccinated if one is bitten across the board.

How to prevent rabbit bites?

Take good care of the child and don’t let him play with unfamiliar or angered rabbits.