The front teeth are loose, should they be pulled out or should they be fixed by a doctor?

People’s teeth loosen when they get older? No, it’s all outdated old ideas.

If we regard the tooth as a tree, the root of the tooth is the root of the tree, and the gums and alveolar bones around the tooth are like soil. The root grows in the soil, and the deeper the root, the more stable it will be. The stronger the bone and periodontal ligament around the root, the stronger the teeth will be.

However, for some reason, the soil erosion around the roots gradually lost support. It is also possible that the soil and water have not been lost, but a typhoon has blown down the trees directly.

These two basic situations occur in the teeth, which also leads to the loosening of the teeth.

How to do loose teeth?

First of all, it needs to be made clear that no matter the tooth looseness caused by what, if it is not handled, there will be only one result: the tooth loses.

After the impact, perhaps you can all think of: few teeth, the front tooth is speaking air leakage, mouth leakage stuffing; The back tooth is weak in biting, or can only bite <-point here with one tooth.

For cases where tooth loosening has occurred, medical treatment should be carried out as soon as possible to find out the cause of the disease and carry out targeted treatment.

Periodontitis is the primary factor leading to tooth loss in adults in China.

When wrapping and supporting the periodontal tissue of the tooth root, because the oral hygiene is poor at ordinary times, the bone and soft tissue are inflamed, just like the soil around the root starts to lose, and the teeth are easy to loosen. If you don’t find a dentist in time at this time, when the periodontal tissue is completely lost, the teeth will fall off.

In our country, this is the most important factor leading to adult tooth loss.

In some cases, the inflammation of the root will directly affect the bone beside the root, that is, periapical inflammation. Similar to periodontitis, periapical inflammation also has the manifestation of tooth loosening.

At this time, periodontal status should be evaluated immediately and treatment should be carried out according to the evaluation results.

1. Eliminate irritants and reduce inflammation

Through tooth washing and scraping, irritants such as dental calculus and plaque located above and below gums can be clearly identified to eliminate gingival inflammation.

Of course, periodontitis, which leads to tooth loosening, is generally more serious, and one visit is often not enough. Dentists often require more follow-up visits.

What’s more, periodontitis is still uncontrollable after tooth washing, and dental plaque and tartar that cannot be completely cleaned by tooth washing need to be completely removed through periodontal surgery.

Step 2 Reinforce the foundations

For cases with serious bone mass absorption around the root, just like serious soil erosion near the root, it is necessary to [cultivate soil], that is, implant artificial bone meal to help the regeneration of new supporting tissues of diseased teeth.

However, not all loose teeth can be stabilized after treatment. In many cases, alveolar bone, the most important [soil] for fixing teeth, is a difficult process to form once absorbed.

3. Provision of support

After periodontal treatment is over, teeth may still not be able to return to their original state.

[Fixation of Loose Teeth] is a remedial method: loose teeth are connected with adjacent teeth through various methods, so that the stress is dispersed from the original single tooth to multiple teeth, thus reducing the burden on loose teeth.

Periodontal splints can also be made to fix loose teeth to a certain extent.

For trauma, fix it first.

We often see some basketball and boxers wearing braces like dentures, which can largely avoid tooth loosening caused by sports injuries.

However, we don’t wear braces for activities at ordinary times, so there are often teenagers who love sports and have loose teeth after being hit by their companions, which are mostly found in the front incisors.

At this time, the teeth should be fixed first, and after the loose teeth are connected and fixed with the adjacent teeth, regular observation should be made.

Teeth can often be fixed again in the end.

However, because trauma often leads to the rupture of blood vessels and nerves of the tooth, the teeth of ordinary adults cannot recover on their own, and root canal treatment is required for the tooth.

If you don’t bite up and down properly, you have to adjust.

Under normal circumstances, the upper and lower teeth are interlaced to exercise chewing function. However, due to the inappropriate filling of teeth and dentures, and the existing periodontitis, etc., the original balance may be destroyed, that is, the teeth are bitten in the place where they should not be bitten.

In serious cases, some teeth will be stressed too much. Over time, it is easy to become loose.

Because of the tooth looseness caused by occlusal trauma, in addition to the treatment of the loosened tooth itself, the reason should also be found so that the upper and lower teeth can bite together normally.

Cyst, Tumor, Surgical Treatment

Tumors or cysts involving teeth can also lead to tooth loosening.

However, not all tumors or cysts will cause pain or local bulge. Therefore, when local teeth are loose, it is necessary to have X-ray examination.

As for treatment, needless to say, surgical treatment should be carried out as soon as possible. After removing cysts and tumors, teeth that cannot be preserved should also be removed.

Loose teeth left or pulled out?

We will certainly not give up those who can retain their teeth and actively treat them.

However, some severely loosened teeth have poor therapeutic effect and are retained. Instead, they are lesions that cannot be cleaned up. They should be pulled out at this time.

After extraction, dentures should also be made and worn as soon as possible.

In this way, not only can normal chewing function be restored, but also displacement of adjacent teeth caused by wanting to [fill the vacancy] can be reduced.

How to prevent tooth loosening?

Maintaining oral hygiene is a good medicine: remember, teeth do not naturally loosen when you get older <-point here, if you can keep the [soil] around the root firm all the time, it is appropriate to use a healthy tooth until you get old!

Everyone needs to learn to brush their teeth correctly, use floss and mouthwash, which are all helpful to maintain periodontal health.

Regular visits to dentists and the good habit of regular tooth washing can help discover many oral hazards that are difficult to find by oneself.

Editor: Fei Fei

Author: He Jianliang