The mind is drowsy and can’t remember things. Cerebral insufficiency should not be treated indiscriminately.

The neighbor’s Aunt Wang is 65 years old this year. She always feels groggy and can’t remember anything. Looking at the various recommendations in the advertisement, I bought [magnetotherapeutic apparatus], [electrotherapeutic apparatus], A lot of money was spent, The effect is not seen. I really can’t bear to go to a regular hospital for an examination. The doctor said it was [chronic cerebral insufficiency], It has something to do with her long-term poor control of hypertension. Aunt Wang usually has a little high blood pressure, Antihypertensive drugs are high to eat, not high to stop, originally also for this set of antihypertensive methods complacent, didn’t want to hurt her. In order to try to avoid similar situations in aunt Wang, let’s know [cerebral blood supply insufficiency], and how to prevent it. What is chronic cerebral blood supply insufficiency? Cerebral insufficiency is not strictly a disease, It is a common name for a group of symptoms. It mainly refers to the blood supply in the brain that cannot meet the needs due to various reasons. Causing mild brain dysfunction. Middle-aged and elderly people with cerebral blood supply insufficiency are more likely to suffer from [senile dementia] and [cerebral infarction] and need timely treatment. Those who meet the following conditions may be cerebral blood supply insufficiency: main symptoms: dizziness, headache, insomnia and hypomnesis; Duration: More than 2 months. Which conditions can cause cerebral blood supply insufficiency? Cerebrovascular atherosclerosis hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia if long-term control is not good, Or smoking, excessive drinking, sedentary and other bad living habits, Can cause blood stickiness, There will also be vascular inflammation, plaque on the vascular wall, Causing atherosclerosis of cerebral arteries, The blood vessels narrow, The blood supply to brain tissue is reduced. At the same time, this part of patients are often accompanied by obesity, metabolic disorders and other abnormal conditions. This makes the functional damage of blood vessels even worse. The artery through which cervical vertebra lesions pass can also affect the blood supply to the brain. Cervical vertebra lesions sometimes compress these blood vessels, Affect the blood supply to the brain. Cardiovascular diseases Some middle-aged and elderly people have heart diseases. Such as heart failure, myocardial infarction and other diseases will affect the ejection function of the heart to large blood vessels, Make the blood circulation in the body insufficient, Can’t meet the demand of brain blood supply. If the middle-aged and elderly people with hypertension blindly seek fast and low blood pressure in the process of lowering blood pressure, when the blood pressure is lower than 90/60 mmHg, it will obviously affect the cerebral blood flow and cause discomfort. In some middle-aged and elderly people who have long-term vegetarian diet or emaciated constitution, there will also be low blood pressure, dizziness, head heaviness and other discomfort. How prevents cerebral blood supply insufficiency? Controlling blood pressure within an appropriate range High or low blood pressure will affect brain blood supply. Patients with hypertension need to control blood pressure within an appropriate range. The blood pressure of people over 65 years old should be controlled below 150/90 mmHg, and the blood pressure should be reduced below 140/90 mmHg without uncomfortable symptoms. People over 80 years old should not be less than 130/60 mmHg. It is very necessary to control blood sugar and blood lipid even if healthy middle-aged and elderly friends detect blood sugar and blood lipid every six months or one year. Abnormal blood lipid and blood sugar have appeared, Actively adjust the lifestyle, Standardize medication, Keep blood sugar and blood lipid within the standard range. People who keep cervical spine healthy without severe cervical spondylosis or move cervical spine without dizziness, It is recommended to do regular neck relaxation activities, Before, after, left, right, clockwise, counterclockwise direction each pull 3 ~ 5 seconds. When sleeping, pay attention to the head should be placed in the center of the pillow, the lower edge of the pillow is close to the shoulder, to avoid neck failure. When sleeping, the height of the pillow after being pressed should be 5 cm flat and 10 cm lateral. Maintain the balance of dietary nutrition with grains such as millet, corn, brown rice and other staple food, eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes; On this basis, you can drink at least 250 mL of milk every day, eat eggs, fish, beef and mutton intermittently, and maintain the intake of high-quality protein. Try to reduce the amount of sugar, salt and oil, especially animal oil, during the stir-frying process. Attention should not be excessive if you have drinking habits. According to the daily calculation, red wine is 1-22 taels, and white wine is not recommended to exceed 12 taels. People who do not have drinking habits are not recommended to drink alcohol. In the process of maintaining an effective amount of activities, I feel my heart beats slightly faster but I don’t have difficulty speaking, which indicates that the activities are moderate. Fast walking, jogging, walking and Taijiquan are all good exercise methods. At least 10 minute each time, A total of 30 minutes or more per day, Exercise at least 5 days a week. Remind all middle-aged and elderly friends of dizziness, headache, insomnia, hypomnesis and other symptoms in the past 1-2 months. Be sure to go to a regular hospital for treatment, Never neglect or delay, Avoid irreparable disease damage. Don’t blindly believe in products that promote advertisements or various health care lectures. Also don’t take the effective medicine or therapeutic instrument taken by Lao Wang in the next house casually to eat and use. The cause of the disease may be different for everyone. Improper use will lead to adverse consequences. Middle-aged and elderly friends with basic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, Remember to follow the doctor’s advice, Timely follow-up reexamination. Do not stop drugs or change the amount, affect health and even endanger life. Finally, how to emphasize the middle-aged and elderly friends is not too much, from now on a good lifestyle. Appropriate exercise, balanced diet and nutrition, positive and tolerant mentality, is the cornerstone of prevention and treatment of cerebral blood supply insufficiency and improvement of health.