The more you eat, the thinner you eat. Is there really any weight loss food?

You must have heard what’s words that “eating more fruit can reduce weight” and “celery is a diet food”. Now, many weight loss websites have even introduced the so-called “negative calorie food” of “eating thinner and thinner”.

This statement, in my opinion, is [beautiful].

Can you lose weight by eating more celery?

Rumors of “negative calorie food” that can lose weight come from “food heat effect”, that is, the amount of calories the human body needs to digest food. That is to say, food like celery itself is not high in calories, and the human body will consume a lot of calories when digesting it, so eating celery is equal to consuming calories and exercise, so eating celery more can lose weight.

It sounds reasonable, but this is not the case:

    On average, human beings use about 15% of the calories in digesting food every day. The amount of calories digested in food is only related to the types of nutrients in food, and has nothing to do with eating time, number of meals, interval between meals, etc. Among the three major nutrients, protein has the strongest thermal effect, about 20% ~ 35%, and carbohydrate has the thermal effect depending on the type, accounting for 5% ~ 15%; Fat has the lowest thermal effect, only about 5%.

In other words, even the most difficult food to digest will not require more than 35% of the calories of the food itself.

Let’s talk about celery: chewing a celery stem consumes about 6 Cal of calories, while the body only needs 1 Cal to digest it. So the calories are still [positive].

Can chewing gum lose weight?

Some people say that chewing gum can reduce weight. [Chewing] Does this action consume a lot of calories?

A group of scientists in Britain have done experiments and measured that the average calorie consumed by chewing gum per hour is 11 Cal. However, a piece of 3 g chewing gum has about 10 ~ 12 Cal of calories.

If you want to chew gum [exercise your face] to consume calories, you have to chew it continuously like a cow for at least more than an hour to cause a lost calorie difference. And a big mouthful of cola will make up for it.

Can I lose weight by drinking ice water?

Others say that drinking ice water helps to lose weight on the grounds that when the temperature is low enough, the human body needs to consume a certain amount of calories to [heat] ice water, which does not contain any calories. It has also been extended to other cold drinks, such as green tea, black coffee and sugar-free cola.

Like chewing gum, the calorie difference caused by ice water is not obvious: drinking 5-6 cups of ice water can only consume about 10 Cal of extra calories. If you want to lose weight through this method, you need to worry about whether drinking too much water will cause water poisoning.

As for other [low-calorie] cold drinks, it should be noted that many commercially available [0-calorie drinks] actually contain certain calories (for example, FDA stipulates that as long as the calories are less than 5 Cal/100 mL, they can be marked as [0-calorie drinks] when sold).

Shut up + keep your legs open is the best weight loss partner.

The [weight loss menus] circulated online are just because the daily energy intake is not up to standard.

Dr. Clove does not recommend [Weight Loss Menu]. Long-term intake of single food will cause imbalance of nutritional elements, which is harmful to the body. Once the weight loss diet is stopped, the body will rebound quickly.

Although it was said earlier that you cannot lose weight by eating celery alone, However, most [eat can lose weight] vegetables can really help to lose weight. Because under the same volume, these vegetables do have lower calories, and eating less calories can lead to stronger satiety. Increasing the proportion of these foods in the normal diet is good for weight loss.

The foods that are good for weight loss here mean that you use them to replace the unhealthy part of the original diet, not to add a healthy extra meal before and after meals.

I have a friend who eats an extra box of vegetable salad after each meal, claiming that “eating more vegetables can reduce weight”. As a result, three months have passed and more and more fat is on his stomach.

People who want to lose weight by eating alone can save it. The important thing is to say it again for the last time: reasonable diet and moderate exercise are always the only way to lose weight.