The patient did not follow the doctor’s advice? Maybe it’s time for you to lose weight!

In the past two years, various medical films and TV plays have emerged one after another.

The actors with straight stature and ruddy complexion perfectly performed the glorious image of [angels in white] under the camera.

But in reality? Overload work makes the medical staff exhausted physically and mentally and paralyzed into dogs.

Suffering from various major and minor problems, the mild cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra are unwell, and the severe even terminate their lives in their posts.

There is also the most humble but common health problem. It is obesity.

Are you the fattest doctor?

According to a survey report released by Medscape, a US medical website, in 2014, the proportion of US doctors who are overweight or obese reached 34% (according to US BMI standards).

Later, Clove Garden also conducted a large-scale questionnaire survey for domestic doctors, and found that the weight problem of Chinese doctors cannot be ignored either:

The overweight and obesity rate of female doctors is close to 20%. The performance of male doctors is even more [outstanding], doubling directly to 41%!

The top five with the highest rates of overweight and obesity are orthopaedics, cardiothoracic surgery, urology, general surgery and emergency department.

Doctors do not lose weight and patients do not obey.

Doctors and friends, overweight and obesity are not only health problems and personal image problems, but also may affect the diagnosis and treatment of obesity at work.

In a 2013 study on whether physicians’ weight affects the effect of health advice, the article pointed out that patients are more willing to consult normal-weight medical staff and agree with the advice obtained.

Imagine such a picture: the doctor earnestly urged the patient [you are going to lose weight] [you are going to exercise more], and then biaji, the patient’s super-rejected eyes fell on the doctor’s white coat hole that was stretched open by the beer belly. Can you still say what for this silent protest?

It is estimated that the doctor himself is embarrassed to persuade the patient to lose weight.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that people with normal BMI are more likely to encourage patients to lose weight (30% vs. 18%) and more likely to believe in their ability to provide patients with reasonable diet advice (53% vs. 37%) and exercise advice (56% vs. 38%) than overweight/obese medical personnel.

However, there are also some studies that believe that overweight/obese medical personnel may use themselves as [counterexamples] to stimulate patients’ motivation to lose weight and get rid of bad lifestyles.

But this is weird! Do doctors have to gain weight first and then lose weight?

We said earlier that doctors should take the lead in quitting smoking, which can achieve the best demonstration effect. So, doctors should also take the lead in losing weight…

Why is that

It is easy to find out why doctors have such a high rate of overweight and obesity.

The reason why the diet is unhealthy-[how to eat healthily] is well understood, but more than half of Chinese doctors still eat more Chinese and Western fast food. The work intensity is too high, and the average daily working meal time is 5-15 minutes.

Basically no exercise-or too much work, only a quarter of doctors exercise more than twice a week, and a third never exercise. Perhaps at first there was no time to exercise, but slowly it evolved into no willingness to exercise.

Stress and lack of sleep-rotation, duty, surgery, rescue… More than half of the medical staff are short of sleep or even seriously short of sleep. Lack of sleep will cause severe damage to the endocrine system and obesity will come to you.

At the end of the day, it is busy!

The best way to lose overwork and fat is…

Of course, our doctors and friends also have many gratifying results in losing weight. Dr. Nie Shunli, the chief internal medicine doctor of our clove clinic, is a living example: he lost nearly 30 kg in about 6 months.

Dr. Nie shared his [way to lose weight] like this:

In fact, it is not difficult to control weight. Basically, it depends on two points: reasonable diet control and more exercise.

In the past, when I worked in a public hospital, I often worked from morning till night all day. I was really exhausted physically and mentally. I just wanted to lie down and rest when I got home. Not to mention exercise, occasionally I forced myself to practice for a while, but the time was too little to be regular.

I just want to enjoy myself and have fun, because there is really nothing what can be happy about. As a result, it is difficult to control my diet, and my weight has slowly and continuously increased to the peak of 92kg. My weight is now stable at about 78kg (although not yet thin).

The secret… Is to work at the clove clinic.

First of all, I have a certain amount of private time to arrange to exercise. I can take a bath after sweating, lie down and read books, surf the Internet and sleep.

Secondly, the current work is in an orderly way, there is too much anxiety in the doctor-patient relationship, and the mental pressure is much less. You can satisfy yourself without eating. Naturally, diet control becomes easier.

Summing up experience: A job that allows you to have free and happy time is really the key to losing weight successfully.

According to a survey by the British Medical Association, residents and junior doctors are relatively prone to obesity and difficulty in controlling their weight. However, those doctors who practice their own businesses and senior doctors have relatively better weight control.

The reason must be self-evident. (Keep smiling)

[Way to Loss Weight] Suitable for Medical Workers

When it comes to losing weight, of course you have to exercise.

-Hey, we do surgery, ward rounds and rotation every day, and we are too tired to move!

However, no matter how tired you are at work, you cannot equate it with exercise. You may as well put elastic belts and small dumbbells in the office. When you have 10 minutes of free time, you can consciously practice it and accumulate more.

Or, simply adjust the priorities of the things to be done in the day, and consciously set the top to finish the exercise first, instead of dragging it off until you get tired-try to get up 20 minutes or half an hour early, run downstairs or have indoor activities, and maybe the day’s work will be more energetic.

And then sleep a little more

-God of night shift bless me to have a good sleep today.

Remind yourself that lack of sleep will lead to reduced energy consumption, eating disorders (increased ghrelin), weight gain and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Wait until you are too sleepy to sleep. It is far better to nap early. Try to do four [dots]: eat less dinner, eat earlier dinner, sleep earlier at night and sleep more at night.

Eat on time and have balanced nutrition.

-Leader, can you please make the lunch cooked in the canteen more nutritious?

-Good, good, good. In the future, packed meals will be replaced by the cheapest standard, with only one portion of meat per meal. I will tell the canteen master to save some oil.

-… What?