The simplest and cheapest way to reduce blood sugar, blood sugar control can lead a better life.

At present, the world recognized method of treating diabetes is called the five carriages of diabetes treatment: diet control, exercise therapy, drug therapy, blood sugar monitoring and diabetes education.

Good blood sugar control, good life

Many diabetics may have had this idea before: [Diabetes is a chronic disease and will not deteriorate at once. Besides, I have never heard of anyone who died of hyperglycemia alone. Does it matter if the blood sugar is higher? ]

Simple high blood sugar is not terrible, but the later complications and atherosclerosis caused by metabolic syndrome are quite terrible.

These diseases can significantly reduce the quality of life of diabetics, and these later diseases are preventable.

How to prevent it?

From today on, start to seriously control blood sugar. In the days to come, please also stick to it and don’t relax your control of blood sugar.

Because once vigilance is relaxed, the seeds of complications may germinate again and the previous efforts will be wasted.

I believe many diabetics will have the experience that all things are difficult before they begin, and so is the control of blood sugar. If they stick to it, they will form a habit in the later period.

Today, I’d like to tell you about how’s control of blood sugar through [exercise therapy].

Exercise Therapy: Exhaust Excess Energy

The basic principle of diabetes treatment is to reduce the source of energy and promote the consumption of excess energy. The former is diet therapy, while the latter is exercise therapy that we want to introduce.

Exercise therapy has two functions:

    First, consume excess energy; Second, promote a virtuous circle and develop a constitution that is good at using energy.

Long ago, our ancestors were the same as wild animals. In order to survive, we needed to eat enough food and then consume energy in food through activities to maintain a good energy balance. However, today’s people are in a [static] state most of the day and fail to handle the energy balance.

The reason why exercise therapy is advocated is to hope that diabetics will return to a natural and healthy lifestyle and adjust their energy balance.

There are many benefits for diabetics to insist on exercise.

The effect of exercise therapy varies from person to person. Generally speaking, some effects will appear early, while others will appear slowly.

  1. The effect that appeared earlier is compared with the effect that appeared earlier.

    Normal uric acid value; Improvement of blood glucose level; The body fat rate decreased; Waist circumference decreases.

  2. Gradually emerging objective effects

    The weight is close to the standard weight. Normalization of glycosylated hemoglobin and glycosylated serum albumin; After exercise, the heartbeat accelerated somewhat. Fat is not easy to accumulate in the body; Blood cholesterol content decreased; High density lipoprotein, which is beneficial to human body, increases.

  3. Gradually emerging subjective effects

    Feel relaxed after exercising with the same intensity. Pleasure during and after exercise; Fatigue disappears after exercise, and the phenomenon of continuous muscle soreness no longer appears. Constipation and sleep problems have been improved. I am full of confidence in my work and life.