The things about pregnancy and childbirth: why do more children have children at night than during the day?

Let’s look at an example first. The first thing many herbivores do after giving birth to their cubs is to eat the placenta and lick the chlamydia and blood on the small animals. The most important reason for doing this is not to let carnivores smell blood. Many carnivores have a particularly sensitive sense of smell. You can smell other animals several kilometers away, If herbivores do not eat the placenta and lick the small animals as soon as possible, It is easy to become a good meal for carnivores. Most carnivores feed during the day. Therefore, herbivores and humans that give birth during the day are more likely to be eaten by tigers and lions. And if the baby is delivered at night, It will be relatively safe. After a long period of evolution and elimination, Humans are more likely to give birth at night than during the day. Although tigers and lions no longer eat humans, But humans are eating up all the tigers and lions, However, the situation that human beings give birth at night more than during the day still exists. Therefore, obstetricians are busier than doctors in other departments. Even harder. As a resident and attending doctor, Although it is necessary to do both gynecology and obstetrics, But I spend more time in obstetrics. Midwives and sisters in the delivery room all praised me for being suitable for obstetrics. Because I am more energetic at night and everyone else is sleepy, I still don’t sleep, so they also nicknamed me: [Uncle Ye (Uncle Ye)] (the two words are pronounced the same in Shanghai dialect)-Uncle who doesn’t sleep at night. This is another reason why I chose to be an obstetrician.