The Things of Pregnancy and Birth of Children: To Prospective Dad

I don’t know that good men are trained in how, but I know very well that stupid men are trained in how: reason with women, forget her birthday or wedding anniversary, don’t talk sweet words, don’t spend time with her. You can’t reason with women, women don’t reason with women, only talk about feelings, as long as you feel everything is right, tube TA what bullshit truth! Men, please try not to reason with women, Reasoning is no use, Reasoning hurts feelings, Reasoning hurts the body. Especially after she became pregnant, I can’t reason with her, Reasoning will hurt her and your children, The big deal is 10 months in prison. One from the earth, One is from Mars and has a different language system. It is useless to reason. Don’t forget the important anniversary. Don’t forget her birthday, but please prepare two birthday gifts, because she may say that she has two birthdays, one is a solar birthday and the other is a lunar birthday. She will have both birthdays! Special attention should also be paid to calling your mother-in-law, or taking a trip to send a gift or a bunch of flowers to what, because your wife’s birthday is also her old man’s Good Friday, haven’t you heard of it? If you get rid of your mother-in-law, you will get rid of everything. In case your wife quarrels with you and you die or live, everything will be all right if you move your mother-in-law out! Don’t forget your anniversary, In addition to buying gifts, Don’t forget to call your father-in-law to be caring and attentive, Because the day you get married is the day you snatch his little cotton-padded jacket from your old father-in-law (whoops, I feel sad to think that my precious daughter will be snatched by some son of a bitch in the future). Don’t forget your child’s birthday, alas, your happy day is your wife’s good Friday! Don’t forget that sweet words are useful to most women. Don’t think it doesn’t matter if you are an old wife. For women, especially pregnant women, you should coax them like children and spoil them like princesses! What if she keeps losing her temper? It must be your fault! Forget it, don’t be stubborn, Who let your son/daughter in her belly, In her hands, She will kidnap your child for the rest of her life. Buy her flowers, If you want to buy strawberries in winter, buy her strawberries. If you want to eat wonton in the middle of the night, buy her wonton. If you can’t stand it, secretly tell your wife’s doctor and let the doctor speak for you. Don’t say, I have really been entrusted to do such a thing. Yes, women are naturally fond of doing it, but you should also think about your wife. After pregnancy, she will change her temperament greatly (a few people may change from bad to good), her appetite greatly and her figure greatly! What about you? You contributed only one sperm, Other what didn’t do it, just shared half of the child’s genes, but the somebody else took it for 10 months, destroyed their body, gambling on the life of the family. Pregnancy and giving birth to a child is a fixed-term imprisonment for you, but a life imprisonment for others, you are a liability limited company, the somebody else is a liability unlimited company. What’s wrong with hitting you? What’s wrong with saying you two words? What’s wrong with asking you to buy wonton and strawberries in the middle of the night? You try to be pregnant for 10 months! To spend time with her, to accompany her to the prenatal examination, Not every time, At least one or two times, For example, when performing ultrasound screening for large malformations, When discussing the delivery method with the doctor. You can not go shopping with her, But at least walk or walk with her after meals or on weekends. Do your homework in advance when you go to accompany her for a prenatal examination. Know some common sense of pregnancy, otherwise she will take an examination of you, she will do you if she fails the examination. The last suggestion once you know that your wife is pregnant, you will save it, don’t argue with her, listen to her. At home, small things listen to the wife, big things listen to the husband, but the family is basically small things, no big things.