The things in the amusement park are expensive and not delicious. How about bringing some what?

A large amusement park famous in the world is about to open. It is said that [everyone will light up their strange dreams here].

At present, some netizens who have experienced it have posted various play strategies. One of them mentioned that the food sold in the park will be more expensive than usual, and most of them are not delicious.

What should I do? You can bring it yourself. The agents sent by Dr. Clove to the front sent back the message:

Non-self-made, sealed and packaged food can generally be brought into the park in an appropriate amount. Each person can bring a bottle of drinking water.

Recommended Foods

1. Mineral water

The weather is hot, the amount of activity is large, and you sweat a lot. In order to avoid heatstroke, remember to take a bottle (which can be a large bottle) of water with you.

2. Boxed milk or yogurt

Drinking milk provides much higher nutrition and energy than drinking water. Quenching thirst can also relieve hunger.

Choose Tetra Pak brick packaging, because it is relatively strong, pressure.

Choose a small package of about 250ml, which is convenient to throw away after drinking at one time.

3. Small packages of nuts or dried fruits

Suitable for satisfying cravings and supplementing energy.

Don’t peel the shell, you can throw away the garbage after eating.

4. Small package dessert

For example, small portions of biscuits (1-3 pieces), Shaqima, small twist, wafer without chocolate coating, etc.

Playing in amusement parks consumes more energy and requires some carbohydrates to supplement calories.

Independent packaging does not even need to touch food directly with hands, so you can be lazy and not wash your hands.

5. Single package of braised eggs or dried bean curd

Protein can improve satiety, and salty food is also suitable for stimulating appetite when it is hot.

When buying this kind of vacuum packaged halogen products, remember to check whether there is any swelling bag. However, care should be taken not to eat too much, which will lead to dry mouth, drink too much water and run to the toilet, affecting the mood of playing.

6. Small packages of dried meat, meat grains,

It also provides protein, just don’t eat too much.

7. Hard Candy

If people in the same trade have hypoglycemia problems, such as the elderly, they can take a few candies with them for emergency.

Hard candy does not melt like soft candy or chocolate in a high temperature environment.

Foods Not Recommended

1. Flexible Packaged Drinks

Flexible packaging is relatively fragile. In case it is crowded and burst, leaks are everywhere, which is really annoying.

2. Bread, cake rolls, egg yolk pie, etc.

Even if there is nitrogen-filled packaging protection, there is still a risk of being flattened, and it is convenient to choose pressure-resistant biscuits.

3. Expanded food packed with nitrogen, etc.

Like bagged potato chips, nitrogen-filled packaging takes up more space, and one back package is full in a few bags, which is really not cost-effective.

4. Spicy noodles, etc.

Spicy noodles are rarely packaged in small packages, so it is very troublesome to seal them again after eating them at one time.

Oily seasonings can easily drip onto clothes if you don’t pay attention to them, which will affect your good mood for a day.

Step 5: Jelly

When tearing open the jelly seal, it is inevitable that some sticky sugar liquid will spill out. Children will easily choke when eating jelly, so don’t bring it for safety.

6. Fudge, Chocolate

Including Snickers and chocolate coating, the biggest problem is that the weather is hot and easy to change! Easy! Easy!