The Things of Pregnancy and Birth: To Mothers-to-be

Do it, you do it

Not letting a woman do it is like not letting her breathe air. All right, do it, you do it, but please note: small work is pleasant, big work hurts the body, No Zuo No Die! Yes, but it is better not to lose your temper. According to the saying of traditional Chinese medicine, old anger will [move fetal qi]. Cultivate some hobbies pregnant, Many people begin to stop working and rest at home. It is boring to stay at home every day. It is best to cultivate some hobbies, For example, painting, Calligraphy, Learn music, These elegance is itself a good way to cultivate one’s morality, It is also a good way of prenatal education, After the child is born, you can be the child’s first teacher. Don’t regard being a husband as your only hobby. Although you really love him, But if you keep doing this, you will [drown] him with love. In fact, many men are like little sons. When you’re pregnant, he’s probably gonna be stunned, Or [can’t carry clearly], can’t take care of you very considerate, don’t lose your temper at this time. The son is to grow up slowly and mature, the son needs to be trained, is to use love and patience to train. Only when you treat him like a grandson, can you be qualified to scold him like a son. But try to scold him as little as possible, didn’t I say? It will [make the baby angry] to lose one’s temper and swear at others. Develop good healthy habits. After pregnancy, To remain healthy and fit, If you want to give birth smoothly, You have to [shut up, Keep your legs open]. When the weather is fine, Take your husband to walk together every day. Don’t stay in bed all the time. Good people will get sick after lying down for three days. In addition, you can often go shopping. Taking your best friend to go shopping is a kind of enjoyment, but don’t take your husband to go shopping together (there are very few men who like shopping). For most men, this is a kind of torture. It is better to kill him! Don’t try to change your man, don’t force your husband to like what you like, What men like is not the same as what women like, For example, don’t force him to chase soap operas with you (just as he shouldn’t force you to watch football with him). Don’t force him to eat your favorite food (when you are pregnant, the taste will become very strange). Why can’t you order one of his favorite dishes and another of your favorite dishes when ordering? How nice it is for everyone to be happy? Why should everyone be unhappy? Don’t try to change your man, you can try to influence him and cultivate his interest, but don’t force him to change or even reform him! Where there is oppression, there is resistance! Also, what asked to tell him directly, don’t let him guess, don’t let him guess! Guess! Guess! [Loneliness at the highest level, It is accidental, There is no need to force, As long as there is a moment of loneliness, I want to enjoy it.]-Liang Shiqiu Love needs to be shared. But don’t force him to share everything with you, Such as loneliness and loneliness, For example, he needs a person’s thinking space. For example, he hopes to have a moment of peace. It’s not that he doesn’t want to share and communicate with you, Sometimes he is just tired, I just want to be alone for a while, I just want to play a game quietly by myself. Some artistic conception is more suitable for exclusive use: for example, when [stay to listen to the rain], for example, when [the autumn wind blows and the white clouds fly], I want to [go to the west building alone]. At this time, the most suitable thing to listen to is Wang Ruolin’s Let’s Start From Here. If you like listening to Chinese songs, her [have your happiness] is also very pleasant. It is really not too much to say that she is Norah Jones of China. Come on, give him a break!