There is a high incidence of cerebral apoplexy during the Spring Festival. Listen to the doctor’s advice and celebrate the New

Every Spring Festival, the emergency department of the hospital will usher in a small climax of cerebral apoplexy, and the vast majority of them suffer from hypertension.

It is an indisputable fact that hypertension can cause cerebral apoplexy, but during the Spring Festival, blood pressure is higher than usual, and the incidence rate of cerebral apoplexy is 2-3 times higher. Why is this? What can be done to prevent blood pressure from rising?

Let’s see that cardiologists have what’s good methods.

Festive mood is high, blood pressure also rises,

Biological clock disorder

When relatives and friends gather during the Spring Festival, it is inevitable that they will break their daily routine and exercise habits. Coupled with high emotions, they will lead to excessive secretion of [excitatory] hormones in the body and increase blood pressure.

Inadequate rest

Poor sleep is a risk factor for elevated blood pressure. This effect is especially significant during the Spring Festival.

During the festival, it is easy to be too excited during the day, and the sleep quality will decline at night. In addition, the continuous sound of firecrackers during the festival will make the sleep quality worse. This effect is more significant for female hypertension patients.

Heavy gastrointestinal burden

In the customs of many places, people should eat something with high fat content during the Spring Festival, such as various fried foods or fatty meat.

If the burden on the intestines and stomach is too heavy, the heart will naturally accelerate and the pumped blood volume will be increased to the digestive system, which also increases the difficulty of blood pressure control.

Irregular medication

There are many holidays and it is common to miss and take less antihypertensive drugs. What’s more, if you forget to bring antihypertensive drugs when you go abroad for the New Year and don’t take them for several days in a row, your blood pressure will inevitably rise.

Unrestrained drinking

In many places, relatives and friends gather together for a drink, and wine is indispensable for fun.

However, heavy drinking will make the heart rate and blood flow speed faster, which will lead to a rapid rise in blood pressure in a short period of time. If cerebral vessels cannot be adjusted and adapted in time, the chance of rupture and hemorrhage will multiply, and cerebral hemorrhage is more common in male patients.

Health holidays, blood pressure does not disturb

It is not difficult to see that the above factors causing blood pressure rise are not avoidable.

Conscious diet control

In addition to eating healthily at all times and looking for family members to help supervise, it is best to let the children in the family be [judges]. While adults are dieting, they should also let the children find a sense of accomplishment and achieve more at one stroke.

Insist on taking medicine

If we forget to take medicine, we can use the alarm clock to help us solve the problem. We can set a daily medicine reminder on our mobile phone, or we can spend tens of dollars to buy an alarm clock medicine box, set the daily medicine taking time in advance, and load the medicine dosage for 7-10 days, so as to celebrate the Spring Festival smoothly.

Drink not too much

As long as you can restrain yourself, you can solve the problem.

Say hello to relatives and friends. Replacing wine with tea will not hurt friendship. Going out to eat and driving by oneself can also save oneself from drinking.

Try to ensure rest

During the festival, it is often not up to you to make your own decisions about your work and rest time. This requires [taking time off from your busy schedule] to recuperate and sleep, and to close your eyes anytime and anywhere. Even if you are not asleep, it will help relieve your mood, slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

Buy a pair of soft earplugs and wear them when sleeping at night to avoid the influence of firecrackers on sleep.

For some people who do not sleep well at ordinary times, it is also helpful to ask neurologists to prescribe some sedative and sleeping drugs during the Spring Festival, take them in small doses and temporarily adjust some sleep.

Prepare for abnormal blood pressure

As a doctor, it is suggested that hypertension patients should find a familiar physician to return to the clinic before the festival, mainly doing the following two things well:

Preganglionic blood pressure adjustment

Ask the doctor to evaluate the heart rate and blood pressure to see if the medication needs to be adjusted. If the blood pressure control is not ideal or is within the upper limit of the normal range, the medication may need to be adjusted to prevent the blood pressure from being too high during the festival.

The ideal range is to keep the blood pressure at about 120/70 mmHg and the heart rate within 70 beats/minute, so even if the blood pressure fluctuates, there will not be too much risk.

Prepare short-acting antihypertensive drugs

Before the festival, ask the doctor to prescribe short-term antihypertensive drugs. During the festival, it is recommended to prepare sphygmomanometers and take blood pressure every day. If you feel uncomfortable, you should also take your blood pressure in time.

If blood pressure rises, Don’t blindly double your usual antihypertensive drugs. Because most antihypertensive drugs are long-acting drugs now, The effect is slow but lasts for a long time, which can keep blood pressure stable and is very beneficial to normal blood pressure control. However, if blood pressure rises temporarily during festivals, the addition of long-acting antihypertensive drugs may lead to blood pressure failure for a short period of time and hypotension after a few hours.

Please ask the doctor to prescribe short-acting antihypertensive drugs in advance. Temporary blood pressure increases. Short-acting drugs can quickly reduce blood pressure, and the action time is short, with little influence on blood pressure throughout the day.