Teach you 4 tricks to make your baby fall in love with washing hands.

It is very important for children to form a good habit of washing their hands to prevent diseases and keep healthy. How can children be taught to wash their hands correctly and form the habit of washing their hands frequently?

The correct way to wash hands

If you want to teach your children to wash their hands, first parents should master the correct method of washing their hands.

Using soap or hand sanitizer is the simplest and most effective method, with the following precautions:

  1. Wash hands with flowing water;

  2. Let soap or hand sanitizer fully rub up bubbles;

  3. Every place should be washed clean, including palm, back of hand, wrist, finger seam, nail seam, and every dead corner should not be let go.

  4. Soap bubbles should be thoroughly washed clean.

  5. After washing hands, dry them with a clean towel or disposable paper towel.

How ensures that every part is washed?

According to the following 6 steps, you can wash your hands cleanest and do not let go of every dead corner.

  1. Wash your hands and heart: the palms of your hands are opposite, and your fingers are together and rubbed with each other.

  2. Wash your hands and back: alternate your hands and rub your palms and back along your fingers.

  3. Washing fingers: the palms of the two hands are opposite, the fingers are crossed, and they rub each other along the fingers.

  4. Hand washing fingers: five fingers together and half clenched, placed in the palm of the other hand to rotate and rub;

  5. Thumb washing: Hold the thumb of the other hand in one hand and rotate and rub it.

  6. Wash fingertips: The fingertips of the five fingers are gathered together and rubbed on the palm of the other hand.

How should wash-free disinfectant be used?

At present, many parents will prepare wash-free hand disinfectant for convenience.

Should we pay attention to what when using it?

  1. Don’t use it frequently: Wash-free hand disinfectant cannot be used as a routine cleaning method, but can only be used outdoors and when there is no condition to wash hands with water. Regular use of disinfectant may dry the skin of hands.

  2. Choose those with high alcohol content: When choosing disinfectant, attention should be paid to whether there is sufficient alcohol content. Only those with alcohol content above 60% have sterilization effect.

  3. Enough usage: When in use, the usage should be sufficient to fully moisten the palms, back of hand, fingers, wrists and other places to be cleaned.

  4. Use time is long enough: After applying disinfectant, both hands rub against each other for a long enough time, and stop after the disinfectant almost evaporates.

Should I wash my hands in what?

    After going to the toilet; Before eating; After touching pets; Return from kindergarten; After playing outside and returning home; After coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose.

What are the ways to make children fall in love with washing their hands?

  1. Every time you wash your hands, you should be with your child and show your child the correct way to wash your hands. It is how’s.

  2. Every time, you must ensure that the time for washing your hands is more than half a minute. In order to increase the fun of washing your children’s hands, you can choose a children’s song [for washing your hands] and wash it while singing.

  3. Prepare a special stool for children who cannot reach the sink.

  4. Praise children for their initiative to wash their hands.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan