These [tragedies] of urethral stricture… please pay attention to avoid these factors!

Urethral stricture is a [disease not known to most people], but if you really encounter this disease, you will deeply feel the pain of urination in what: fine urine flow, laborious urination, urinary retention, hydronephrosis…

However, you probably can’t imagine that those men with exuberant hormone secretion had caused what in their Penis, which led to urethral stricture.

Trauma, the main cause

Of all the causes of urethral stricture, trauma accounts for about 52%, and trauma can be divided into two categories.

1. Violence from the outside to the inside

For example, riding injuries, traffic accidents, penis contusion caused by too difficult sexual posture, etc.

2. Direct urethral mucosal injury

If the urethral mucosa is damaged, repair and regeneration will be started, just like the skin is cut and a scab will form. However, the urethra is so narrow that if the scab is connected to the urethra, the urethra will be blocked.

But the urethra is wrapped in the cavernous body, how can it be directly damaged?

The answer is… insert a foreign body from the urine eye!

As a urologist, what surprises me most is that human beings, out of satisfaction or punishment, will insert all kinds of things through the urethral orifice:

Steel balls, pens, wires, iron wires, thermometers, straws, springs, nails, staples… including but not limited to all the above items, are supported by literature.

Some urethral foreign bodies were forcibly inserted by others, and the patients themselves were victims. But others were voluntarily inserted in pursuit of pleasure…

In addition, iatrogenic injury is another important cause of direct urethral mucosal injury.

Although doctors are not willing to encounter this kind of situation, all medical operations are risky.

For example, the operation involving urethra may damage the urethra, thus causing complications of urethral stricture. For example, urethral dilatation is aimed at dilatation, but it can also cause complications of stricture in turn. There are cystoscopy, catheterization, etc.

Inflammation, another major cause

In addition to trauma, another major cause of urethral stricture is inflammation (strictly speaking, trauma can also lead to inflammatory reaction, which mainly refers to inflammation caused by internal diseases).

Neisseria gonorrhoeae urethritis, is gonorrhea, this venereal disease was an important cause of urethral stricture. With the improvement of everyone’s awareness of seeing a doctor, it is now rare. Of course, other pathogens caused by urethral infectious diseases may also lead to urethral stricture.

In addition, chronic inflammatory diseases such as penile lichenoid sclerosis may also cause urethral stricture. Brain supplement Penis with moss growing above… … …

Spontaneity, the last big category of causes

The last major category of urethral stricture is called idiopathic or spontaneous.

What do you mean? Even the patient himself does not know, and the doctor does not know the reason for what. This kind of can account for 1/3.

What? I am ill, doesn’t the doctor know why? But doctors can’t!

At the current level of medical treatment, doctors cannot say the exact and only pathogenic factors for a large part of diseases. I also don’t know why some people are ill while others are not. Some people are treated effectively, while others are ineffective or even aggravated by exposure to the same risk factors.

Urethral stricture is so terrible, how should it be prevented?

Dear friend, how do you ask me to prevent urethral stricture?

Stay away from pathogenic factors and active treatment is the best prevention. Cherish your body, don’t die, and don’t raise the difficulty coefficient any more.

The above picture is a urethrography examination. Do you see the black thick strip on the lower left? It was a relatively normal urethra, and then suddenly became thinner.

A little seal, round eyes, round mouth, still shaking a little short hand to greet you?

This is a cross-sectional view of Penis. A cut-off Penis is smiling at you. In the picture, the thick lips of the baby seal are the cavernous body of the urethra, while the cherry eloquence wrapped around the baby seal is the urethra.

See, compared with Penis, whom you are proud of, the urethra is actually only so thin.

Do you hear the sound of this cherry sip?

Your urethra can’t carry all the love you want. Because in a thousand years, your urethra will be narrow…

In fact, it won’t take a thousand years or a year. If you don’t cherish yourself, your urethra may be narrow in 1 ~ 3 months.