This article may solve more than half of your doubts about the 7 major problems of baby sleep.

Not long ago, Clove’s mother invited me to answer questions about the sleep of the newborn baby. Parents raised many questions. Here are some representative questions to share with you.

First, about the baby’s daytime nap

Chen Bo Bob: Hello, the baby was born 29 days ago, There are no major life events in the family. The baby’s sleep quality during the day is not good, Don’t like to sleep in the crib, put it down and wake up (sleep well at night, not noisy at night, sleep in the crib). During the day, I like adults to sleep in their arms, especially lying on adults. I can sleep for a long time, even if the surrounding sound is noisy, it is not easy to wake up. May I ask: 1. If I don’t sleep well during the day and sleep for a short time, will it affect my growth and development? Because it is said that a baby will only grow up when he goes to deep sleep. 2. Will the baby not sleep at night because he sleeps too much during the day?

Small soil big orange: Sleep is important for newborns, However, light sleep and deep sleep are both important for infants. Deep sleep is not the only value. Sleeping too much during the day may indeed affect the night. However, the first thing to do is to roughly understand how much is more. Generally, it is quite common for babies of about one month to sleep 4 ~ 5 nights during the day. During the day, there is still an interval between waking up, such as a one-time nap of more than 3 hours, or it is possible to cause poor sleep at night. During the day, arrange some interesting activities for the baby and take it out appropriately.

Yang Yang Z: My daughter is 11 weeks old now. After the full moon, she starts to take her food, play and sleep according to the 3-hour schedule in the utility baby-raising method. She eats and plays for about an hour during the day, but she can’t sleep for two hours at a time. If she wakes up early, I should do some what? Is it to play with her? Then the next bedtime interval is too long? After putting her on the small bed, she always cried for a while, sometimes a few times, eating her own hands and being able to sleep under a little coax. Sometimes a few minutes, not very easy to coax. Is it normal to cry like this? Or did I do something wrong? Thank you!

Small soil big orange: 3 hours schedule does not need to sleep for 2 hours, generally 1.5 hours. If you wake up in advance, you can try to pick up sleep. If you are in good spirits, you don’t have to pick up reluctantly. You can arrange your baby to play. Next time, depending on your mental state, you can do it in advance. A small amount of crying is generally common.

Two, about the baby day and night upside down

Og Og Og: Hello, baby 18 days, there is no incident at home. The baby slept soundly during the day and refused to sleep at night. How to break?

Small soil and big oranges: It depends on whether you sleep too much late during the day, such as taking a nap for more than 3 hours, such as getting up at 9 ~ 10 o’clock in the morning, causing the day and night to reverse.

Ukaka 123: Our baby has just been breast-fed for 14 days. I would like to ask the next few questions. Do all babies have to hiccup after eating milk? The baby fell asleep every time he drank, but he woke up as soon as he beat, and then it was difficult to fall asleep. The second baby was sleepy during the day and woke up once after about four hours, but he hardly slept at night. He drank milk all the time, slept for a while when he was tired, and had to eat milk again when he woke up in less than an hour. Is this normal?

Small soil big orange: generally need to take pictures after eating during the day, try to take pictures when you haven’t eaten and fallen asleep at night, if you really can’t take pictures in the past, you don’t have to force it. It takes 4 hours to wake up during the day, a bit like night, a little day and night upside down, to sleep during the day, to wake up, to get up and move, and to leave a long time of sleep for the night.

Tan Di: The baby is 80 days old, After birth, the day-night reversal of various methods is still repeated after adjustment. And need to hold sleep for half an hour to two hours, put down can only sleep for 20 minutes, difficult to pick up sleep, especially during the day. Night from eleven, two or even one o’clock to sleep, wake up once in the middle, wake up at six or seven o’clock in the morning, daytime sleep is very short. How can we improve the problem of day and night inversion and holding sleep can not sleep autonomously, and ensure deep sleep and long sleep.

Small soil big orange: I really slept a little late at night. See if I can arrange to go to bed early. During the day, I will focus on whether I can further increase the amount of exercise, such as lying down, such as going out to play. The problem of sleeping in arms may improve after 3 months, and then pay attention to gradually try to put the baby down.

Three, about the baby with swaddling clothes

Sue1223: My baby is two months and 25 days old, It is good to sleep in swaddling clothes at night. Sleep is poor during the day, Milk sleep, short nap, Difficulty in getting a sense of sensation, It takes a long time to sleep in a hug. Wake up on the ground, Or hold for 20 minutes, put in bed, sleep for more than 20 minutes, wake up and can’t pat and pick up sleep, I still have to pick it up, because it’s milk sleep, I don’t strictly eat, play and sleep, and I can’t take a short nap, nor can I reach a three-hour cycle. I plan to try not to sleep milk after 100 days, and slowly quit swaddling clothes at night. Sometimes I get back badly when I don’t sleep wrapped at night. Should I continue to wrap or stick to it for a few days? Thank you!

Small soil and big orange: If it does not affect sleep, it can still be wrapped continuously. Generally, it will be lifted in about 3 months, and it can be extended under special circumstances.

O ‘Bingxia: Do you want to know if using pacifiers for newborn babies can improve sleep quality? Is it addictive? Are there any precautions for what? In addition, is it feasible to use swaddling towels to prevent children from waking up? How big can it be?

Small soil big orange: Premature use of pacifiers may cause nipple confusion, Generally, it is not introduced until the pro-feeding is smooth. If it is not too dependent, it is not a big problem, that is, it is not easy to use it when it is easy to sleep. Wrapping swaddling clothes can be done, but care should be taken not to spread out easily, which will have safety risks, and attention should also be paid to relaxing the legs. Generally, it is gradually necessary to give up after 3 months.

Four, about the baby crying

Sherma:For help, the baby has been sleeping for 4 months. In recent days, he has been crying for more than an hour during the day and wants to sleep. He does not eat milk. Holding him is also a variety of crying. He falls asleep only when he is tired from crying. He wakes up after half an hour in his small bed. He basically sleeps for half an hour during the day and cries all the time before going to bed. What should he do?

Small Earth and Big Orange: Maybe it is a sign that the baby wants to fall asleep by himself. If he cries in his arms, it is better to put the baby on the bed early and let him try to sleep by himself. If he wakes up for half an hour, he can not arrange to get up and give the baby some time to see if he can sleep.

Ruochen Baby: Baby has just completed a month and 13 days. It is exclusively breast milk. After 6 o’clock in the evening, she always cries. She grabs her pedals and is very impatient. She also drags her nipples. It is the same to eat again after taking pictures. It’s okay not to eat. It’s okay to eat while walking in her arms. She wakes up many times at night. She sleeps better during the day. She doesn’t cry or make noise during the day. She wakes up after falling asleep alone.

Small Earth and Big Orange: See if the baby is sleepy at this time. Sometimes it is easy to cause crying when sleepy. Try to appease the baby earlier and arrange a dusk sleep for him.

Five, about the baby is easy to wake up

SLR:Hello, baby for more than 50 days, there are several situations to consult you at present. 1, sleep is very shallow, can wake up at the sound of a little, often lie down for a few minutes hard, baa baa, head shake hands move; 2. Sometimes I cry without warning and my face is dark red. 3, holding sleep will affect the development of spine; 4. I didn’t sleep well for several days, woke up and made noise for a few minutes, and then slept for a day or two. Sometimes I couldn’t eat 60 mL or even 30 mL of milk. Is it necessary to wake him up and let him eat well?

Small soil big orange: If the baby is sensitive to sound, Pay attention to taking your baby out more, Contact with mild environmental stimulation can reduce sensitivity. You can also play some background music during sleep and wrap your baby’s arms. If you don’t sleep for a long time and provide support for various parts, the impact on development is relatively small. Don’t nurse when you are too sleepy, eat when you are awake, and your state will be better.

CBO10: The baby is 59 days old. It is easy to wake up after falling asleep during the day. A little sound will wake up immediately. Then it will take a long time to coax the baby to sleep again. Sleep at night is OK.

Small Earth and Big Orange: You can try to play some background music. Don’t be too quiet at home at ordinary times, so that your baby will gradually become familiar with various types of sounds.

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Six, about the baby sleep not steadfast, whisper

Lazy cat mouth rice: baby 21 days, every time is after 12 o’clock in the evening wake up is very difficult to fall asleep, often need to coax about two hours to sleep. Sleep often feel he is afraid, a surprised, also will whisper, want to wrap him up, but always be free.

Small soil big orange: swaddling clothes should be wrapped tightly to avoid scattering. There are many standard videos on the Internet, which can be referred to. If it is difficult to fall asleep when you wake up at night, you can try to respond in time, don’t let your baby wake up thoroughly, and pay attention to the amount of exercise during the day.

Zai Chen Ma Ma Ma: The baby has just turned 4 months old, Wake up after a half-hour nap in the morning, Hold it up and coax it, It feels like he’s sleepy, but it’s hard to sleep. He can only take a nap in the morning, The afternoon nap was intermittent and coaxed to sleep. Add up to two hours of sleep. It’s easy to sleep at night, But after getting up at 12 o’clock and feeding the milk, I couldn’t sleep soundly until 3 o’clock in the morning. Shake his head, lift his legs, whisper, hold him up and sleep soundly, or suck some milk better, also gave him hiccups, but put down less than five minutes and started again, basically coaxed after 3 o’clock in the morning. Now let him sleep on his stomach, soundly, but yesterday morning he got up again for an hour, also don’t know what happened.

Small soil and big orange: massage the baby’s abdomen, belch more after eating milk, and sleep easily when you can’t belch. You can also use an airplane to hold your legs and step on a bicycle to exhaust gas. In addition, some drugs have the effect of helping relieve flatulence (simethicone, etc.). If necessary, they can be selected according to the doctor’s advice. Babies who eat too much are also likely to sleep unsteadily, so they should eat in moderation. Mothers should pay attention to diet investigation and reduce intake of foods that are easy to cause flatulence and allergic reactions, such as dairy products with high protein content, bean products, excessive sugar, etc. More tummy time should be allowed for the baby, which can not only exercise the neck muscles, increase the amount of exercise, prevent the flat head caused by sleeping on your back, create conditions for learning to climb, but also relieve flatulence and abdominal pain.

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Seven, about the formation of baby’s sleep habits

Faye Hee Hee: The female treasure is 4 months old, You can sleep 10 hours at night and milk at night. But a daytime nap requires hugging and shaking to fall asleep, After falling asleep, he put in bed and woke up with a wave of his hand and head. To hug and put the bed, Repeat two or three times before falling asleep, Half an hour after falling asleep, Although we try our best to be exactly the same as the way we sleep before falling asleep, the success rate is not high, and we have to sleep in our arms for almost the second half of the period. We have to send to kindergarten after two months abroad, and we want to form the habit of taking a nap before we go. Apart from crying immunity and picking up and putting down methods (which don’t work after a few days), how has formed the habit of taking a nap for our babies?

Small soil big orange: this age nap is not very mature, but look at the situation at night, the baby’s sleep condition is OK, may take a nap during the day for a while will be easier to get some sleep. Basically, the kindergarten teacher will use the way to put it down at the point, and then interval patting to appease, you can roughly refer to it.

Leetree: The baby has been sleeping for more than 4 months, and it has been difficult to fall asleep all the time. During this period, there was no fear of moving house. Only the baby was used to sleeping in her arms. Now she still needs to sleep in her arms, or sometimes she needs to sleep with milk, which makes everyone exhausted. She has also been sleepy during the day and mentally at night. Alas, she is looking for a good solution.

Small soil big orange: this age can try at least not to continue to hug sleep, confused when the baby put on the bed, may start because not used to crying, but after adaptation may respond to improve. Pay attention to regular feeding during the day, reduce daytime milk sleep.

Wan Wan _: The sister-in-law said that the baby should know it was daytime during the day. The curtains are pulled open every day at six or seven o’clock. When he woke up at seven or eight, Wash his face and pp whether he is sleepy or not, After washing his face, he was completely awake. I started to sleep noisily until noon and afternoon. I basically slept noisily for three or four hours. I usually didn’t get confused until nine o’clock at night. Sometimes I didn’t fall asleep until eleven o’clock, but I slept well at night. I basically slept deeply for three to four hours at a time. Do newborns really need to work and rest regularly like adults?

Small soil big orange: sleep a little late at night, the newborn sleep has not too many rules, and the rules and adults are not the same. Can wait for the baby to wake up in the morning and then pull the curtain, gradually advance the time of falling asleep at night, grasp the wake-up interval, to avoid excessive fatigue caused by long-term awakening.

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