Tips for Winter Heating You Ignored

Winter has arrived and the wind is chilly.

Whether it is the people in the north who wrap up the warm area or nest in the heating room, or the people in the south who only wrap up the mail but not the warm area and shiver in bed.

All of them have bid farewell to the history of “cold protection basically depends on shaking” and have entered the day of “air conditioning, heating, electric blanket, hand covering water bag to warm baby”.

However, with all kinds of heating equipment entering our life, how to make good use of them is very important.

Today, Dr. Clove will talk about this topic.

Look at these common heating equipment and what precautions we have neglected.

First, although the hand warmer is good, it is necessary to prevent cryogenic burns.

Rechargeable hand warmers, warm babies pasted on the body, and hot water bags are probably the portable heating devices that come into contact with most in daily life.

It is of good quality, low price and convenient to use. Xian Yi, old and young, can be used as soon as possible.

However, many people have neglected the harm that these heating devices may bring [cryogenic burns].

How much temperature does the hand warmer have and how can it cause burns?

In fact, burns mainly depend on the contact temperature and the length of heat action.

Short-term contact with low-temperature heat sources, flowing blood can take away heat and prevent heat accumulation.

However, if the contact lasts for a long time, and the local tissue is compressed, the local blood flow is blocked, and the heat energy will accumulate.

Therefore, even if the temperature is not too high and the contact time is long, it will also cause [cryogenic burns].

The actual use temperature of hand warmers on the market is between 40 ℃ and 50 ℃ on average. If you use them for a long time, such as putting hand warmers on your body when you sleep, you may cause cryogenic burns.

Therefore, several points must be paid attention to when using heating equipment such as hand warmer:

    Purchase qualified products; Controlling the temperature of the heat source; Control the contact time, keep warm in the same part for no more than 2 hours continuously, do not use warm babies after lethargy and taking sedatives, and do not recommend using warm babies all night. Prevent direct contact, pay special attention to skin weak areas such as elbow and thigh internal measurement; Special attention should be paid to children, the elderly, diabetics and paralyzed people.

Second, floor heating causes cancer? It is totally untrue.

Floor heating is a gradually popular way of overall heating at home in recent years.

At present, most of the used [floor heating], the full name is [low temperature hot water floor radiant heating].

This kind of temperature adjustment method uses the ground inside the whole building as a radiator, and injects hot water into the pipes through the pipes laid in the floor structure layer to heat the floor concrete layer, making people feel warm.

However, it is the word “radiation” that makes countless people turn pale at the mention of ground warming. Rumors of various [ground warming causes cancer] [ground warming causes leukemia] spread among friends.

In fact, this is all literary inquisition, injustice.

Most people think that radiation is ionizing radiation, which has [radiation biological effect] and can kill biological cells and destroy biological tissues.

However, the [thermal radiation] generated by ground heating belongs to [non-ionizing radiation], which is of the same type as radio waves and visible light and is non-toxic and harmless.

Although the names are similar, this [radiation] is not another [radiation], so don’t confuse it.

Otherwise, it will become [carcinogenic] to bask in the sun and heat.

So, you can’t let yourself get cold in winter for a false rumor.

Three, electric blanket warm bed, special groups need to pay attention to

Next we are going to talk about the warm bed artifact electric blanket.

For friends in the south, an electric blanket exists like a small sun on a winter night without heating.

However, many people do not know that not everyone can enjoy the feeling of driving an electric blanket until dawn.

If there are such members in the family:

    Pregnant Women Prepare Male Diabetes Patients

Attention should be paid to the fact that electric blankets cannot be used willfully.

For pregnant women, long-term use or too high a temperature of the electric blanket may cause too high a body temperature and thus affect the fetus.

For men preparing for pregnancy, the American Pregnancy Association pointed out that long-term use of electric blankets may cause overheating of men’s testicles, resulting in a decrease in sperm count.

As for diabetics, long-term hyperglycemia may cause skin numbness, and in severe cases, the sensation of feet and even limbs will be lost.

In this case, if the electric blanket is used for a long time, it is likely that the electric blanket cannot be turned off in time because the temperature cannot be sensed, thus causing burns.

Therefore, for the above-mentioned people, use electric blankets with more care. If you really can’t stand the cold winter night and want to use electric blankets, the best way is:

It is OK to warm the bed with the electric blanket on, but don’t sleep with it on. Turn it off when you go to bed.

IV. Other Precautions: Dry Prevention, Virus Prevention and Burn Prevention

In addition to hand warmers, floor heaters and electric blankets, common winter heating equipment also includes air conditioners, heating, electric fans, etc.

Even in some areas, the habit of using charcoal fire for heating is still maintained.

For these, we need to pay attention to several points:

Step 1 Prevent dryness

Winter climate itself is dry. Many people covet the feeling of warmth and harmony and will turn on the air conditioner and heating greatly, resulting in the human body is prone to water shortage.

Therefore, at the beginning of heating, due to dry air, sudden nosebleeds or colds are more common.

These need to be adjusted by increasing air humidity and reducing indoor temperature.

2. Prevention of Poisoning

This is mainly aimed at people who are still heating with charcoal fire.

Carbon monoxide is colorless and tasteless, and is difficult to detect. Once inhaled in excess, it can be fatal within a few minutes. Therefore, charcoal fire is not recommended for heating.

If you have to use it, you must do a good job of ventilation.

At the same time, do not carry out activities such as barbecue that may produce carbon monoxide gas in a closed room.

Step 3 Prevent burns

Different from heating equipment such as hand warmers, which may cause [cryogenic burns], some heating facilities, such as electric heating fans and small suns, may directly cause burn risks because the temperature is too high.

Therefore, for electric heater equipment such as small sun, keep a safe distance of more than 50 cm and pay attention to the weak skin such as elbows.

In short, although heating is good, one must also be healthy.

I hope Dr. Clove’s winter heating tips can warm your body and heart in cold winter.